• What is Jobhuk?

    Jobhuk is a hiring marketplace where you can make money by leveraging your network to help companies or individuals hire and get hired. When you find anyone in your network suitable for a listed job, they get hired for the job, you get paid.

  • How much will I get paid?

    For Full-Time Jobs, The amount of cash you get paid is defined by Finder's Fee set by the employer posting the job. The amount varies between $1,500 to $30,000 per each successful hire. Employers have an option to set the Finder's Fee any where from 5% to 30% of Annual Salary.
    For Contract Jobs, you will get paid a Fixed 15% of the Hourly Rate set by the employer posting the job.
    Eg.: Employer posts a Contract Job with $100/hr for 6 Months (1000hours) duration.
    You will be paid 15% of the hourly rate which is $15/hr for every hour worked by the candidate with the client.

  • When do I get Paid?

    For Full-Time Jobs, within 30 days of a successful hire, you will receive your payments.
    For Contract Jobs, on each a successful hire, you get paid based on the Net-Terms and Frequency of Invoice set by the employer. Employers have an option to set the Net-Terms between 7-30 days and Frequency of Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly.

    Eg.: Employer posts a Contract Job with Net-Terms as 15 days and Frequency of Invoice as 15 days.

    In this case, Jobhuk invoices employer every 15 days for the total hours worked by the contractor from the date of joining. Employer pays Jobhuk within 15 days from the Date of Invoice and then Jobhuk pays you, on the same schedule, with no delays, after the payments are received from the Employer.

  • Why do I have to wait for 30 days of evaluation period for Full-Time job?

    The evaluation period allows the employer enough time to evaluate the referral to ensure they are a good fit for the position. If the referral is not a fit, the employer is not obligated to pay the Finder's Fee.

  • How do you guarantee payments?

    We evaluate and ensure credibility of each employer posting jobs. Employer agrees to our Terms & Conditions while posting Jobs, which legally binds them to make payments.

  • What is the split on hourly rates for Contract Jobs?

    Employer pays 100% of the hourly rate to Jobhuk. Jobhuk pays 15% of the hourly rate to Referrer and 80% of the hourly rate to candidate.

    Eg.: Employer posts contract job and pays $100/hr to Jobhuk
    Jobhuk Pays Referrer 15% = $15/hr
    Jobhuk Pays Candidate 80% = $80/hr
    Jobhuk takes 5% = $5/hr

  • Will I be responsible to pay the candidate?

    No. You are not responsible for any payments to be made to candidate unless, Candidate chooses to be on your company's payroll or W2. Jobhuk will be responsible for all the payments to be made to the candidate for Contract Jobs.

  • For Contract Jobs, Can I have the candidate on my company's W2?

    Yes. On a successful hire, Candidate has an option to choose to work directly with Jobhuk on 1099 or Corp-Corp Tax Term. Candidate can elect your company to run his payroll or stay on W2 with your company.

  • If Candidate is on our company's W2, how does the payments work?

    After hire, candidate elects your company to receive his payments. We send two payments to your company
    1) 15% of hourly rate which is your referral fee
    2) 80% of Hourly Rate which is Candidate payment.

    Eg: Employer posts a Contract Jobs with $100/hr. Your cut is $15/hr and Candidate get $80/hr. We make two payments to your company $15/hr * total hours billed and $80/hr * total hours billed.

  • What happens for Contract Jobs if the contract is terminated or expired?

    When the contract is terminated by employer for specific reason at work and performance or the contract has expired, employer is not obligated to pay us, provided that Employer does not solicit the Candidate until 6 months after the contract is terminated or expired.

  • Is there any Contract or Paper work to be done between Jobhuk and me?

    No. There is no need for any paper work to be done between you and Jobhuk. As a referrer on Jobhuk, you are already binded by the Terms of Service of Jobhuk.

  • How do I track status of my submission?

    You can view the status of all your referrals in the Referrals Section under your Account on Jobhuk. Jobhuk sends you an email notifications for each action and progress made on the referral. Jobhuk sends email notification when a candidate is Rejected, Interviewed or Hired.

  • How do I collect my payments?

    On a successful hire, Jobhuk sends you a notification to fill out a W9 form . You can upload your W9 under the Billing section in your Account or email it to w9@jobhuk.com. You have 2 options to choose from, 1) Direct Debit 2) Check. Based on your preference of payment you choose under the Billing Section, the payments will be released.

  • Why should I submit W9 form?

    Per the US IRS regulations, any payments made over $600 needs to be accounted and reported on 1099 tax forms. Jobhuk uses your W9 to report taxes properly to IRS and will send you a 1099 at the end of the year for your tax filing. - ref: Tax Information

  • I do not live in the United States. Can I refer and get paid?

    Yes. You will be paid 60% of the total payments as Jobhuk is responsible for paying taxes on the amount paid to you.

  • What is Jobhuk?

    Jobhuk is a platform that enables employers to crowdsource their hiring efforts to a marketplace consisting of reputable independent recruiters, staffing agencies and everday people in a super simple way. Jobhuk enables employers to hire better quality employees in shorter time for less money. Jobhuk users all around the world can leverage their network to refer the best resources for your job postings. On a successful hire, you pay Jobhuk the Finder's Fee set when creating the job posting. If you are not satisfied or for any other reason want to let the resource go away, you can do so with no obligation to pay any Finder's Fee.

  • What is the cost of posting a Job?

    Posting jobs on Jobhuk is absolutely free. We rely on success based payments.

  • What Finder's Fee?

    Finder's Fee is the compensation paid to the person referring the candidate for hire. As an employer, you pay Jobhuk, and Jobhuk as a follow-on pays the person who referred the candidate you hire.

  • How much is the Finder's Fee?

    The Finder's Fee is a percentage of Gross Salary you set while creating a full-time job. You can select anywhere from 5% to 30% as your Finder's Fee.
    Eg: A $70,000 Gross Salary with Finder's Fee Selected at 10% = $7000

  • What is an ideal Finder's Fee?

    The average market statistics confirm that 10% of Gross Salary is an ideal Finder's Fee, which provides better and faster placements.

  • When do I pay Finder's Fee?

    You pay Finder's Fee only on a successful hire. You have minimum number of 30 days based on what fits your needs. You can always choose to pay earlier.

  • What happens if I don't like the candidate we hired?

    Within the elected evaluation period, you can let go the candidate or keep at your will. If you are not satisfied or for any reason want to let the candidate go away, you can do so with no obligation to pay any Finder's Fee.

  • What is the Finder's Fee for Contract Jobs?

    There is a No Finder's Fee for Contract Jobs. Jobhuk sets a Fixed 20% of Hourly Rate as Market Services Fee for any contract positions. You never have to worry about any Finder's Fee for Contract Jobs.

    Eg: For a Contract Job of 1000 hours or 6 Months, you are want to pay $100/hr.

    You Pay Jobhuk: $100/hr for the hours worked by the candidate after hire.
    Jobhuk Pays Referrer: 15% of the Hourly Rate = $15/hr
    Jobhuk Pays Candidate: 80% of the Hourly Rate = $80/hr
    Jobhuk take 5% as Services Fee: $5/hr


  • How does Jobhuk track hours being worked by contractor?

    On a successful hire, Every week, the contractor will fill up the timesheets for the hours worked and get it approved by the employer under whom he worked. Jobhuk collects this information from candidate on weekly basis.

  • What are the Net-Terms of payment for a Contract Job?

    The Net-Terms of payment for contract jobs is 15 days. This can be flexible and on each contract, Jobhuk's operations team will co-ordinate with you to make this work.

  • What is the frequency of Invoicing of Contract Jobs?

    Jobhuk invoices every 15 days for the hours worked by contractor.

  • Is the contractor an employee of Jobhuk?

    Jobhuk provides an option for the contractor to run their payroll and become a W2 contract employee of Jobhuk. Candidate can either be on W2 with Jobhuk or can be an independent contractor under 1099 to Jobhuk or can be on a Corp-Corp basis with Jobhuk.

  • How does Contractor and Referrer get paid?

    On receipt of payments by Jobhuk from the employer, Jobhuk releases two payments:
    1) to the candidate, (80%) of hourly rate
    2) to the referrer, (15%) of the hourly rate
    The payments will be made through checks or Direct Debits based on the choice of the candidate and referrer.

  • Can I write off the payments made to Jobhuk as expense and issue 1099 to Jobhuk?

    Yes. All the payments you have made to Jobhuk can be written of as an expense and issue 1099 to Jobhuk using our W9. Download our W9 Form

  • How do I make payments to Jobhuk?

    You can make online payment on Jobhuk using your Credit Card. You can manage your payment details in the Billing section under your Account.

    ** All online Credit Card payments will have a processing fee of 2.9% of the payment.

    Alternative Payment Method: You can always send a check to avoid 2.9% processing fee. The checks should be payable to Jobhuk Inc and should be mailed to: 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite #150W, Austin, TX 78759.


  • Can I get an Invoice for the payments to be made?

    You will be able to request invoices by emailing to invoices@jobhuk.com.

  • How do you control the quality of referrals?

    Our built-in proprietary algorithm validates and evaluates the quality score of a each referral. Apart from this, our team of quality analysts who are experts at recruiting, are continuously validating each referral on Jobhuk.

  • Can I Review & Rate Referrals?

    For every application received, you will be able to review and rate the Referral along with the resume submitted. You can do this at the initial review when the application is received or after your interview is done.



  • When I need more information from the candidate, How do I communicate with the Candidate?

    You can use conversation/messaging system built within the Jobhuk. Click on the link “Show Conversation” on each candidate's profile and you will be able send your message to the candidate. Jobhuk sends your messages to the candidate by email.
    You can always do the same by clicking on the Messaging icon on the top of the navigation bar. This enables you to review all the jobs, applications received, and send quick notes to candidates.



  • Can I schedule Interviews using Jobhuk?

    You can schedule interviews on Jobhuk by clicking the Interview button on the each candidate's profile that you received.

  • What happens after I finish the Interview?

    After the Interview is done, click on Hire button, if you choose to hire the candidate. Otherwise click the Discard button and provide feedback for rejection.

  • What happens after hiring the candidate?

    There’s nothing to be done until the evaluation period. When you are completely satisfied with the candidate in the elected evaluation period, you get ready to make your payments to Jobhuk.

  • How will I get notified when a new application is received for the job posted by me?

    For each new application received,you will be notified by email to the email-id that you used to register and post the jobs.

  • Where do I track my list of Jobs and applications received?

    Under your Account Section, you can click drop-down on the top-left corner and Go To - Jobs.
    In this section, you will be able to see all your Jobs and applications received for each job. You can review all the applications received by clicking View Submission button on each job.

  • Can I update a job while the job is active?

    Yes. You can always make modifications to your job even when the job is Active.

  • Can I De-Activate my job before actually finishing up the hiring process?

    Yes. You can always De-Activate the Job anytime, even before closing the actual hiring process. In many cases, you may have received enough applications and want to stop receiving further new applications. You can simply click the De-Activate button on the particular job and stop receiving further new applications. You still can continue the interview and proceed with the hiring process on Jobhuk.

  • What is Partner Program?

    Partner Signup enables any individual or a company to signup as a partner of Jobhuk and get paid when their client's signup and hire candidate through Jobhuk. You can leverage your clients and network to bring them onto Jobhuk and get extensive rewards and payments while the system and market does its magic.

  • How do I signup as a Partner?

    Using this partner signup you/your company will automatically become Partner of Jobhuk.

  • How do I market it to my clients?

    After you signup, in Partner dashboard You will see a link with your partner code. e.g.: https://jobhuk.com/signup/partner_code= (partnercode) You can publicize this link and give it to any potential clients to signup on Jobhuk.

  • How do you track when my clients signup?

    When client clicks the signup link with your partner code, a cookie is stored on the clients browser and this particular client will always be captured as your affiliate. You will be able to track the list of clients whom you brought in as affiliate in the dashboard. The cookie will not be replaced by other partner code or removed until the client clears cookies in the browser manually.

  • Where do I track the list of my clients who signup?

    In your partner dashboard, you can track the list of clients signed up, jobs posted by your clients, money you would be earn and status of payments for all successful hires.

  • How do I get paid my pending payments?

    After you upload your W9 Form under the Billing section. Your payments will be released on Quarterly basis. You will need to select your preference for the method of payments. You have two choices 1) Direct Deposit 2) Check mailed to your physical address.

  • What is JobKarma?

    JobKarma is a super simple way to earn points by sharing jobs listed on Jobhuk in your network. When you click Share & Get Paid link on each job and share the job in your network via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, you get points. You can learn more about Jobkarma here http://blog.jobhuk.com/introducing-jobkarma-share-get-paid/

  • How many points do I get for each share?

    The total points you earn depends on the number of friends, connections or followers in your social network.

  • How much do you pay for sharing and earning Jobkarma?

    For every 1200 Points you can earn Reward.

  • How do I redeem my rewards and get paid?

    After you upload your W9 Form under the Billing section. Your payments will be released on Monthly basis. You will need to select your preference for the method of payments. You have two choices 1) Direct Deposit 2) Check mailed to your physical address.

  • Do I get paid the total referral amount when someone in my network clicks the link I shared and get hired by applying for the job?

    Yes. Each link you share in your network has your referral code with it. If anyone in your network clicks on the link and applies for the job and gets hired, you will get paid the total referral amount specified on the Job.

  • What happens if none in my network click on the link?

    You still get points and will be eligible to claim the rewards for every 1200 points, irrespective of anyone clicks and gets hired through the link you shared.