QualityStage/Information Analyzer

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Contract | Staffing Agency | | 1600 Hours Austin, TX, United States


QualityStage/Information Analyzer

Contract | 6-9 Months |  Austin, TX, United States


A brief overview of the project:

We are working with a public entity in Texas. They are migrating from their legacy case management system to newer version. Currently, the case data is spread across several applications.

The new system will be a consolidated repository of all case data in one primary system and few ancillary systems.

As a part of this migration, they would like to cleanse their member data (de-duplication and data survivorship) as they consolidate.

Additionally, they would like to set up a probabilistic data matching service that can be called by the case management system components or any application that interacts with the case management system.

They have the DataStage skills and are only looking for QualityStage experience.

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