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FullTime | Austin, TX, United States

Minimum criteria:

  • Do you have strong programming and algorithms fundamentals?


The world has moved beyond text. Every day there is more audio and video recorded than was recorded in the entire 20th century. Unfortunately, these media files are only occasionally sorted, rarely organized, and at best have a short text description. And the text isgenerally... lacking.

At Clarify, our mission is to improve human communication.

Using our self-service API, any application can easily submit audio and video files for analysis. We perform sophisticated signal processing, automated speech recognition, and natural language processing to turn this unstructured information into actionable data. The first step is search. Using our API, we can tell you exactly where each word is said in the audio.

But we’re not done there. Here are some of the challenges we're tackling:

  • Extracting a multitude of information from audio and video media and metadata
  • Using machine learning and NLP techniques to process and analyze primary and derived data
  • Indexing everything to yield document and time-based search results
  • Building an API that balances power and depth with fast development and ease-of-use
  • Creating a great developer experience

And that’s where you come in...

We’re looking for a world-class Senior Backend Server Developer. Someone who loves data and who loves software.  The ideal candidate will want to live in Austin... but we’re willing to consider someone remote who can spend a lot of time here. The Senior Backend Server Developer will play a key role in the design and implementation of Clarify’s cloud-based platform. As part of a small team, you will have an opportunity to work on many different components and touch a lot of different technologies. You will be a critical member of this team of highly skilled developers and scientists.

As part of the development team, you will be responsible for the design, implementation, and testing of various parts of the Clarifyplatform and evaluate 3rd-party and open-source software and technology that can be incorporated. You will participate in our weekly sprint planning meetings and help write, estimate, and prioritize stories. You will understand how developers are using our API and build features based on their needs.

You will be accountable for writing clean, maintable code with good test coverage, following our standards for code management and deployment, and for communicating with the other team members to ensure product quality and deadline targets are met. It's a supportive team but you will not be micro-managed.

You will be consulted on platform design and product feature decisions as well as on how we can improve the way we work and new technologies we may be able to leverage. You are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. We're an open minded, mostly ego-free group and we expect you to be the same so we can continue our free exchange of ideas. We're looking for people who have deep expertise in some areas, yet recognize they have a lot to learn in others.

You will be regularly informed of the business developments of our fast-paced startup and encouraged to interact with future and current customers - both to educate them about our API to and to learn from them to gain an understanding of their needs and how they are using our API.

Come and work at Clarify – we’re a TechStars and Capital Factory Incubator company.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • 3+ years of server / backend systems design and development.
  • Experience with object-oriented and asynchronous programming.
  • Very strong programming skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, including the ability to understand, articulate, and critique requirements.
  • Strong troubleshooting and diagnostic skills.
  • Strong communication and team collaboration skills.

Highly desirable:

  • Experience in a fast paced/customer centered agile startup environment.
  • Has worked at another software company that sells into the developer community.
  • Has lived through and survived fast company growth.
  • Experience with scalable cloud deployment environments.

How we work:

  • Python / Node.js (Hapijs) / C / C++
  • Agile, automated tests, continuous integration.
  • DevOps: Chef, Docker, Logstash/Kibana, AWS
  • Asynchronous Workflows/Task Queues, such as Celery, Rabbit/AMQP
  • Databases: MySQL,Elasticsearch, NoSQL such as S3, Redis
  • Audio & video processing toolkits: ffmpeg, gstreamer
  • Search technologies: ElasticSearch, Lucene.
  • Video or audio signal processing
  • Speech/NLP/Machine Learning toolkits such as Kaldi, SciPy, SciKit, NumPy, OpenNLP, Mahout, pandas
  • HTML5 / AJAX / jquery / backbone / Django
Employer avg response time
  • Relocation Assistance: Yes
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Anthony Delorie over 4 years ago

I think a salary range would be helpful. For instance probably not interested in candidates only asking x... as that means they likely dont have the best experience be it projecy based or open source contributuons. Same hand usually a salary ceiling and candidates coming from say DC, LA, NYC might not realize the cost of living difference... but still have a minimum base salary req.

  • Hr+Jobjuk@Clarify.Io     Thanks for the feedback. This position is currently on hold. If we open it again, we'll post a salary range.
    over 4 years ago