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javascript developer

Innovation    posted over 4 years ago

FullTime | $100,000 | Austin, Tx


Javascript Engineer/ UI Developer (financial district)
Looking for an opportunity to build a new UI from the ground up in a brand new team? 

Our fast-growing, well-funded company, (recently received over 26 million in funding and revenue in the 10s of millions), is hiring another UI engineer on a brand new team of 10 guys that is building a from scratch cross-platform UI based on HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Angular.JS. We have extremely complicated algorythms on the back end so we need very strong front end guys to make our front end more user friendly.  For this position, in specific, if you love to work on Dashboards, or a brand new collaborative product and even off line products this will be a dream job.  Your contributions will be key to the success of these products. 

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