NFC Testing/Firmware Lead

 posted over 4 years ago

Sicon Tech | FullTime | Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Looking for NFC Testing/Firmware Lead with product based client for Hyderabad Location.

Experience:3+ Years

Work Location: Hyderabad

Required Skills:

  1. Solid experience in RFID technology (ISO 14443)
  2. Solid experience in Software Testing
  3. Possible experience in Test frameworks like NUnit
  4. Possibly experience in NFC technology (ISO 18092, NFC Forum)
  5. Solid programming skills in ANSI C and/or C++ and/or C#
  6. Possibly experience in scripting languages (e.g. perl, shell, etc.)
  7. Highly flexible, inspiring and motivating
  8. Self-reflective and self-critical personality
  9. Excellent English written and spoken
  10. Readiness to travel


Position Focus / Areas of Responsibility:

  1. NFC Test implementation for automatic testing
  2. NFC Test results analysis
  3. Root Cause analysis
  4. Execution of NFC Interoperability Testing
  5. Root Cause analysis of NFC Interoperability problems

Interested candidates can send their resumes to