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Sales Account Manager

Preschool2me    posted about 4 years ago

FullTime | $30,000 | Austin, TX, United States


About this position: Sales Account Manager will be responsible for the growth of our customer base (i.e. child care centers) throughout the country. This person will develop relationship with corporate decision makers of the franchisors and assist in building a strong pipeline of prospects. This person should be comfortable cold calling and with a sales target and should have a proven track record of B2B sales and achieving or exceeding sales targets. The salary will have a competitive base component plus an excellent commission based on sales. This is a great opportunity to grow with Preschool2me! About Preschool2me: Preschool2me is a startup based in Austin. Preschool2me app connects parents to child care centers. Child care centers can use Preschool2me to send beautiful activity reports, pictures, announcements and emergency alerts.
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Yve Alcide Amabe over 4 years ago

Please provide qualification and years of experience needed.

Thanking you!

  • Tal***@***.Com     Qualifications: At least 2 years of experience in sales, cold calling and closing deals with SMB.
    over 4 years ago