VP of Technical Support

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FullTime | $118,000 | Tualatin, OR, United States



SawStop is recognized as the world’s pioneer in power tool safety technology. A recipient of numerous awards for safety and innovation, SawStop introduced its first table saw to the commercial and hobbyist markets in 2005. Within just a few years, SawStop was the leading manufacturer of table saws for those markets. Since 2005 SawStop’s safety technology has saved thousands of users from serious table saw injuries, many of which would have been devastating, life-changing injuries on ordinary table saws. SawStop is now poised to accelerate its rapid growth as it launches its first portable table saw to the consumer and professional market.

Since its inception, SawStop has been recognized as providing unrivaled product and technical support to its dealers and customers, both in the US and abroad. With its recent expansion into the consumer market, SawStop seeks to grow and develop its product and technical support capabilities to serve this new market.

SawStop is seeking an experienced leader to develop the strategic direction and manage the resources and activities necessary to ensure SawStop maintains and grows its reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction.


  • Develop and execute strategies on a product-by-product basis to provide product and technical support for both warranty and non-warranty products.
  • Hire, train, and manage a team of technical support personnel to provide rapid and effective dealer and customer support.
  • Identify and manage third-party resources for on-site technical service.
  • Design and implement processes to ensure efficient and successful problem resolution and case management.
  • Formulate and perform quality control assessments on all product and technical support activities.
  • Track and analyze support issues and costs to develop solutions for improving customer experiences and reducing warranty costs.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in business, engineering or related field, or an equivalent combination of education and work experience.
  • Minimum of ten years of customer support experience, including at least five years of management experience.
  • Ability to develop a strategic vision for customer service and communicate that vision to inspire employees and influence business leaders.
  • Strong leadership and motivational skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills.
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Debbie Pedigo over 4 years ago

How big of a team will the VP manage. How many managers?

  • Ful***@***.Com     Currently, the team consists of four service technicians, one administrative assistant and one manager. We would expect the team to at least double in size in the next five years.
    over 4 years ago

Good morning...along with the salary...is there a bonus involved ?

  • Ful***@***.Com     All of our employees receive nominal end-of-year bonuses as essentially Christmas presents. High performing employees receive larger performance bonuses. We have occasionally awarded mid-year bonuses for outstanding performance.
    over 4 years ago
Rob***@***.Net over 4 years ago

How long has position been open and how soon are you able to bring in candidates for interview ?

Rob Vaughan, Director
Executive search, Inc.

  • Ful***@***.Com     This is a new position. We would be able to bring in candidates immediately.
    over 4 years ago
Jelani Bransford over 4 years ago

does this candidate have to be a citizen or GC holder

  • Ful***@***.Com     Either citizenship or a green card would be acceptable.
    over 4 years ago