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Director, Global Public Relations Job

Micron    posted about 4 years ago

FullTime | Boise, ID


The Director of Global Public Relations is responsible for establishing, growing, managing, and leading a world-class PR program that elevates Micron Technology’s visibility and brand in the marketplace. The position’s scope includes corporate, technology, and industry PR responsibilities. It calls for a visionary, strategic leader who can evolve Micron’s reputation into one of the industry’s leaders in memory technology and solutions in the eyes of the media. While the position demands productive collaboration with executives, engineering, product, marketing, and sales teams, it ultimately requires building a global PR program in a media-savvy model, relying heavily on knowledge of broadcast, online and traditional media, editorial drivers, and processes. This requires establishing a PR “infrastructure” that evolves the company from tactical point PR to strategic, campaign-based PR aligned with investor relations, BU communications, and marketing communications. Responsibilities: - Collaborate with corporate communications and company partners to establish official positioning and messaging for the company. Create messaging tree inclusive of industry trends, corporate positioning, business strategy, partnering, solution strategy, and technology. Collaborate with company partners; including executives, BU leaders, Legal and Investor Relations; to ensure proper communications to media. - Establish PR infrastructure – i.e. Fundamental PR operations, such as processes and guidelines for media tiering, media engagement and targeting, stories in the works (SIW), briefings/interviews, spokesperson management, announcement decisions, press release development, approvals, launch support, press tours, earnings, M&A, social media policies, crisis communications, partnerships, awards, speakerships, events, metrics, and reporting. - Determine agency and contractor model globally. Establish inhouse, contractor, and agency roles; triangulate the three into an efficient, productive PR team. - Create global PR plan based on a campaign approach. Tie in corporate positioning, business strategy, and company goals; Consider SWOT and industry trends. Integrate with broader marketing and corporate communications plans. Socialize across company’s constituents. - Collaborate with marketing communications to develop and execute strategic, integrated marketing campaigns. - Propose, champion, and manage budget covering PR agencies, activities, and systems. - Incorporate social media within PR plan and broader corporate communications. Build communities, establish communications cadence, and help set guidelines for company. - Apply rationale to media engagement. Establish media hitlists. Manage all media engagement, story development, pitch angling, and stories in the works. - Collaborate with regions to determine proper inclusion within PR campaigns, launches, etc. - Develop and grow relationships between top-tier media and PR/executives/spokespeople. Map spokesperson roster to appropriate reporters/editors. - Identify spokespeople and create a roster covering all parts of Micron Technology’s business. Build trust and serve as a diplomat; Establish solid relationships with executives and spokespeople; Institute regular media and spokesperson training sessions to ensure polished, articulate message delivery. - Create metrics for measuring share of voice and tone within press coverage. - Establish customer and partner reference program. Set engagement and approval processes. - Solidify corporate policy for when vendors ask Micron Technology to be a reference. - Tie PR’s role to company’s business continuity and crisis management plan. Ensure regular auditing of PR’s role and responsibilities. Experience and Qualifications: The candidate is a business-savvy communications professional with proven experience in top-tier journalism, corporate communications, and global PR. Industry, business, and technology acumen are key. The candidate commands a solid understanding of the technology industry, its trends, and Micron Technology’s place in it. S/He understands complex technology concepts and skillfully distills them into relevant messaging and stories that promote the company in a manner that mass audiences understand and find compelling. The ideal candidate has a successful track record navigating large, publicly traded companies and embracing higher-level communications. S/He is compfortable working with executives and has great social, diplomatic, and leadership skills that drive productive collaboration, teamwork, and consistent PR results. Specific areas of expertise required are- Creativity and the desire to innovate the art of PR; Vision that sets company apart from competitors and brands the company’s PR organization as an industry leader. Knowledge of PR operations as well.- The ability to think and do – strategic mind with penchant for taking initiative and executing. Solid industry, business, and technology acumen that result in prudent decisions and PR success. Strong media relations skills with a solid level of respect from technology press corps. Proven experience developing and executing successful PR plans and campaigns that factor in industry trends, competitive landscape, business strategy, marketing objectives, communications standards, and corporate culture. A knack for storytelling. Experience globalizing PR efforts; Acts as a global corporate citizen instead of a U.S-only practitioner. Exhibit diplomatic skills. Understanding of legal, investor relations, and broader corporate communications functions; Ability to incorporate PR within broader corporate communications plans. Understanding of marketing and sales; Ability to maintain open lines of communication to ensure that business and market acumen influence proper PR priorities and decisions. Experience working with collaboratively with partners on various communications activities. Outstanding leadership and management skills; A desire to mentor, coach, and build winning teams; An enabler who empowers others to grow and succeed. A natural knack for inspiring others to trust and follow you – from executives to individual contributors. Solid soft skills: The ability to collaborate, influence others, and drive consensus across various lines of business. Solid conflict management and global diplomacy skills. A consultative adviser. Extremely articulate with solid bearing, particularly during times of duress. Proven resourcefulness and a problem-solver; Ability to multi-task, adapt to changing situations, and work efficiently. Find alternative solutions, devise backup plans, and activate default plans seamlessly. Act like an owner: Professionalism, responsibility, and ethical behavior displayed as if the candidate is the CEO or owner of the company. Proven written and verbal communication skills. Education: Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in PR, journalism, mass communications, or a related field. Master’s degree in business, journalism, or communications is a plus. It has been and will continue to be the policy of Micron to administer all human resource actions and benefits without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran's or other legally-protected status. Each manager, supervisor, and team member is responsible for carrying out this policy. The EEO Administrator in Human Resources is responsible for administration of this policy. The administrator will monitor compliance and is available to answer any questions on EEO matters. To request assistance with the application process, please contact Micron’s Human Resources Department at 1-800-336-8918 (or 208-368-4748). Keywords: Boise || Idaho (US-ID) || United States (US) || SGA || Experienced || Regular || Communications || *LI-AM1 ||
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