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Scaled Agile Coach (VH)

Verisk Health    posted about 4 years ago

FullTime | Richmond, VA


Verisk Health builds a smarter healthcare ecosystem through analytics. Our 1,500+ global professionals work at the intersection of high tech, healthcare, and “big data” in order to realize audacious aspirations for our healthcare system. Be it eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse; guiding population health management with data-driven insights; improving revenue cycles for our clients; or re-envisioning support systems for new models of healthcare delivery, we hold ourselves to a single standard: having immediate and outsized impact for our clients, and by extension, the broader health community. In this newly created role, you will work with multi-disciplinary teams and help guide our Scaled Agile approach. Responsibilities: Coach agile teams and Product Owners on Scaled Agile practices, techniques, and semantics ensuring that all team-related Scrum events take place and those who attend understand their purposes while teaching all to keep within the time-boxes. Coach product owners on continually adapting and prioritizing the backlog while providing guidance in the application of Kanban tracking for appropriate teams. Provide support for development of a sustainable Agile Center of Excellence. Identify and coach internal Agile champions, in order to remove reliance on external mentors. Ensure Agile metrics are being tracked daily, monitor them for indications of current or potential problems, and help the team find solutions to those problems. Coach agile teams and Product Owners on ways to improve their activities. Assist in Agile Release Planning; provide Program Manager guidance in creating Vision and Roadmap artifacts; capture team capacity hours for the planned upcoming release and for each sprint therein; facilitate team breakout sessions with an eye on process and related best practices; provide coaching where needed; help update Release/Program Plan with Features and Dependencies; facilitate backlog grooming, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint reviews and retrospectives (capture retrospective results with an eye on process and practice improvement; provide coaching where needed). Ensure that Sprint Planning artifacts are created and captured, e.g., Sprint Backlog, Sprint Goals, etc. and participate in Scrum of Scrums to communicate and help resolve team impediments and roadblocks. Help resolve impediments that prevent agile teams from completing sprint commitments. Train development team members in Scaled Agile practices, facilitate and enable roles and responsibilities appropriate for teams that accommodate Scaled Agile practices; facilitate release and sprint planning, review work within individual sprints and coordinate retrospective and sprint demos. Assist key business users (product owners) with feature and story backlog creation and grooming ensuring cross-functional coordination (business analysts, developers, and testers) is occurring early and often. Facilitate Scrum Masters who are providing daily stand-ups, resolve conflict, and be an un-blocker for Agile teams. Maintain and publish agile program metrics (e.g., velocity and burn-down) and coach, mentor, and evangelize agile best practices across the organization. Implement relevant Scaled Agile Framework metrics while guiding and enabling continuous Agile Delivery practices. Coach the teams on the Agile release trains to enhance Scrum and agile skills, coach and mentor Scrum Masters, Product Owners and System Teams in the use of Scaled Agile practices. Provide Rally tool coaching, develop and facilitate effective Rally metrics. Develop and enable Product Managers as Business Content Authority for Agile release trains and facilitate Agile Release Train readiness reviews and backlog grooming activities and Inspect and Adapt (I&A) workshops. Work with Quality Assurance representatives to introduce automated testing into the SAFe process. Requirements: SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification with a minimum of 1 year SAFe experience Scrum Master Certification (CSM) with a minimum of 5 years practical experience. Experience with training in Leading SAFe (SA), and ScrumXP (SP) classes. Strong professional experience and a proven understanding with iterative development, incremental software delivery, and the ‘why’ behind it along with demonstrated knowledge with the principles behind emergent requirements. Wide-ranging experience, knowledge, and belief in agile principles alongside strong analytical and problem solving skills with excellent understanding of agile metrics (e.g., how to build an burn-down, track velocity, backlog tracking, and task definition) with expertise in making continuous improvement changes, especially as it relates to software development with demonstrated knowledge of test driven development and the virtues of unit testing. Ability to travel up to 50%. Proven ability as a servant leader with excellent communication (verbal and written) and social skills. Exceptional facilitative skills, must be able to lead and demonstrate value add principles (e.g., desire to bring disclosure and grow trust). Ability to resolve conflicts with professionalism and a win-win attitude, with proven ability to lead teams to self-organize and work independently with limited supervision. Enthusiastic and fun individual with an attitude of team empowerment. Requirements: Expertise --Project Management Education Bachelors (or equivalent work experience) Job Type Full Time Location VA-Richmond Years of Experience +10 Years
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