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Systems Engineer (Subject Matter Expert)

Wood Consulting    posted about 4 years ago

FullTime | Bethesda, MD


A SME level systems engineer shall build a new application development team and lead the development of a new, high profile application with users in 30-50+ agencies across the customer. This position will lead a team of software developers to rapidly build and deploy a demonstration capability, while simultaneously working with the program office to specify, design, develop, test and deploy the production system. Development will take place in an iterative fashion using agile methodologies and scrum techniques with inputs from multiple stakeholders. This position will require exceptional team building, communication, and technical skills. The work will be done in a dynamic environment with multiple stakeholders and changing requirements. The candidate must have the ability to communicate with senior leadership, assess changes, and rapidly redirect the team as necessary in support of new and/or changing direction. The candidate will work closely with the program manager to communicate status, take direction, and ensure the successful implementation and deployment of the demonstration capability. The candidate will also work closely with systems engineers in the program office to specify and design the final system capability, incorporating lessons learned from the demonstration system. The candidate will lead the effort to develop, test, and deploy the production system capabilities in a series of incremental releases across multiple networks. He or she will work with partner departments across the customer to integrate this new system with existing systems at each customer. This effort will include a variety of activities, including: Assessment of technical tasks and advising the program manager on necessary team skills Project planning, including planning for agile software development Tracking team progress and reporting to project management Leadership of software teams using scrum techniques Meeting with stakeholders, analyzing requirements, developing/refining user stories and related artifacts, and translating these into software development tasks Developing screen mock ups and rapid prototyping to drive out requirements and design Designing, developing and testing code for the demonstration capability and later the production system Working with systems engineers and architects to specify and design, then develop, test and deploy the production system in a series of incremental releases across multiple networks Use of continuous integration and Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques for software development Working with other organizations to seek the necessary testing, security and deployment approvals for use of the system in an operational environment Providing support to program management in the development of briefing materials, program status artifacts, and other communications for internal and external stakeholders Developing technical documentation and briefing materials to support control gates and other presentations as directed by program management Due to an emergency, the current software development lead for this program is on extended leave, but is planning to return. The program is adding this position as a contingency if the current lead cannot return to the program. If the current lead can return to the program, then the new position will be maintained on the program but will serve as a deputy development lead. Due to the size of the overall program, the customer may create sub-teams within the overall development team. The person selected for this position would be asked to lead one or more of those teams, and serve as the development lead in the absence of the current development lead. They may also be asked to lead integration efforts with external agencies that need to integrate existing systems with this new capability. Qualifications: Certification Requirements Certified Scrum Master MANDATORY SKILLS Must have a TS/SCI clearance 16 years of experience Demonstrated on-the-job experience leading agile software development teams using Scrum on a large-scale program Demonstrated on-the-job experience with rapid prototyping and use of screen mock ups to refine requirements and design Demonstrated on-the-job experience developing applications using technologies including Unix/Linux, Java, Java Script, REST interfaces, Extensible Markup Language (XML), and large scale data base technologies such as Oracle and My SQL Demonstrated on-the-job experience leading integrated teams of contractors from multiple companies Demonstrated on-the-job experience developing and testing high availability enterprise applications Demonstrated on-the-job experience with data ingestion/Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) systems and large scale, high performance data repositories Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience At least 12 years of demonstrated on-the-job experience developing software for enterprise scale applications with at least five years in a team lead role that Demonstrated on-the-job experience exhibiting communication skills across all levels of the organization, from junior developers to senior managers OPTIONAL SKILLS Demonstrated on-the-job experience with the Sponsor's project development lifecycle from inception to deployment using iterative software development techniques Demonstrated on-the-job experience developing enterprise applications hosted in a cloud environment Demonstrated on-the-job experience with development and deployment of applications in the Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) environment or an Amazon Web Services cloud environment Demonstrated on-the-job experience with big data solutions technologies such as Hadoop, Mongo DB or Cloudera Demonstrated on-the-job experience with the existing data ingestion techniques/systems used by the sponsor Demonstrated on-the-job experience with development, testing and deployment of applications that cross security domains Demonstrated on-the-job experience deploying applications on other sponsor networks Demonstrated on-the-job experience with the sponsor's and partners policies, directives and standards Demonstrated on-the-job experience building systems that safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII) WOOD is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer; all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or veteran status.
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