Senior Software Engineer - Java

Raindance Ok-sign    posted over 3 years ago

FullTime | Austin, TX, United States

Minimum criteria:

  • Does candidate have a reason to be in Austin area?


Job Summary:

Raindance is seeking a senior software engineer in Austin, TX with experience designing and developing enterprise solutions. The senior software engineer’s primary responsibility is to be an individual contributor for the software projects and products that Raindance delivers to its customers. The ideal candidate is proactive, responsive, comfortable dealing with ambiguity, experienced with software development and has a strong track record of having deployed highly scalable production code.


  • Provide technical service and technical leadership to Raindance customers and employees alike.
  • Design, develop and maintain high-performance and high-availability software products
  • Develop demos, prototypes and artifacts to help define product features/functionality
  • Ensure feasibility, functionality and integration with existing systems/platforms
  • Work with product management to break down requirements into executable units of work using Agile and Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques
  • Work in an organized team oriented environment with shared responsibilities


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or equivalent)
  • 8+ years of professional software development
  • 10+ years of professional Java development experience
  • 5+ years of professional RDBMS experience (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc…)
  • Strong experience in building highly scalable, redundant, available and responsive systems using open source software tools and technologies
  • Strong technical leadership and guidance skills
  • Outstanding skills at interacting with people, both within the organization (from developers to senior management) and with customers/partners
  • Responsible, organized and hard working


  • Experience with information retrieval, network programming and/or developing large software systems
  • Experience with cloud computing software platforms (e.g. OpenStack)
  • Experience with one or more hypervisors (e.g. VMWare, KVM, Xen, etc…)
  • Experience with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Experience with message queue systems (e.g. RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Qpid, etc…)
  • Experience doing Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI) and test automation.
  • Experience with agile development processes
Employer avg response time
  • Relocation Assistance: No
  • Travel: 10 %
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Donna Little over 4 years ago

Please provide salary range and if relocation assistance is offered.

  • Psu***@***.Com     100-120K is range - no relocation assistance is offered.
    over 4 years ago
Sanjeev Angal about 4 years ago

I have an excellent candidate with 14 years experuience but his expectation is 135k. Can we go that high?

He is local to Austin TX. Also is there a provision for working from home for 2 days?

Spencer Ross almost 4 years ago

Would you work on C2C basis for the right candidate?

Jay Sah over 4 years ago

Is the position still open? Are you looking for Local candidates? Would H1B's work?

  • Psu***@***.Com     Yes - looking for candidates who will relocate to Austin area. H1B visa is an option for right candidates.
    over 4 years ago
Ashlee Smith about 4 years ago

Would it be possible to get sponsorship for someone with a H1B visa?

  • Psu***@***.Com     Yes for full time position only - prefer transfers of H1B
    about 4 years ago