Android Engineer

Silvercar Ok-sign    posted about 4 years ago

FullTime | Austin, TX


We’re a small team of experienced developers determined to overthrow the entrenched car rental industry. We emphasize team ownership, test driven development, and moving fast without breaking things. We are looking for an experienced Android engineer to join our development team and take a lead role building the Silvercar Android App.


■ You love java, know your way around Eclipse or Android Studio, and believe in creating amazing experiences on Android devices.

■ Have mastered Activities. You understand the value of Fragments and how to use them.

■ Have worked with a variety of Android libraries and tools, know their names, and can explain why and how they’re being used.

■ Can manage animation, typography and pixel-perfect layouts, while still understanding that perfect can be the enemy of good in any project.

■ You’ve been doing this long enough to have survived a few different versions of Android and understand the challenges associated with both software and hardware fragmentation.

■ You’ve been through the process of developing an app from concept to publishing.

■ Want to work on a small, lean team and own the product you’re building.

■ Have recent published apps and code samples available to present

Bonus: You know what a CAN bus is, and think unlocking an Audi via SSH sounds awesome.



■ We want to change the way people use personal transportation, starting with car rental.

■ Located in the heart of downtown Austin, TX

■ Have an extraordinary team of people

■ Flat organizational structure that ensures your influence on products we build

■ Friendly, informal working environment with flexible hours

■ Full benefits and equity 

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Raj Arff about 4 years ago

How many years of experience you are looking at?

  • Ama***@***.Com     2 - 3 years minimum, senior level
    about 4 years ago
Donna Little about 4 years ago

Please provide a salary range.

  • Ama***@***.Com     Salary range is up to $125,000 dependent on experience.
    about 4 years ago