MM/PP SAP Business Analyst

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FullTime | $130,000 | Wilsonville, OR, United States

Minimum criteria:

  • Is the candidate a US Citizen or Green Card holder.


Candidate Questionare: (Must be answered by all the candidate). You can email the answers to or Append to the resume at the start. 

 1. Describe your experience with doing advanced configuration (which modules, at which company, and for how long?)  2. Describe which specific configuration tasks you have completed when you were in those roles?


Job Summary:

The MM/PP SAP Business analyst analyzes complex business problems to be solved with SAP and similar automated systems. Provides technical expertise in identifying, evaluating and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet user requirements.Configures system settings and options; plans and executes unit, integration and acceptance testing; and creates specifications for systems to meet business requirements. Design, configuration, and functional experience in the MM/PP module. 

Due to government contracts that FLIR holds, the candidate must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder. We cannot accept H1B, EAD, TN or any other arrangements along those lines.  

This is a direct hire position with FLIR Systems and comes with a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical/dental/vision, 401K matching up to the IRS max of $18K annual, annual bonus, equity and more.

Duties and Responsibilities:      

Strong SAP technical, configuration, and business area knowledge in MM/PP module.  Be able to configure the module assigned at a project level        

Manage projects of small to medium size and scope     

Translate user’s requests into application system solutions.  Analyze system user requirements to define and design system configuration, enhancements, and modifications

Resolve business issues by working with various groups within and outside of the company (ie.  system users, company management, consultants, software support staff)         

Work in multidisciplinary teams to define and design complex processes and procedures for the configuration, upgrade, and maintenance of sap and related application systems      

Define requirements for specific forms/reports  

Design test plans, execute test scenarios, validate test data, and document test results  

Coordinate end-user training documentation and train end users as required.  Perform project management and detailed analysis of business practices, processes, and scenarios. Redesign procedures to suggested best business practices in concert with sap functionality    

Utilize query and reporting tools to provide flexible and timely information to system users determine the appropriate programming tools to supply information to system users         

Perform the majority of the project management functions of the user groups including: coordinating, organizing, planning and scheduling, communicating, tracking accountability, ensuring documentation, monitoring and evaluating, problem solving and technical assistance           

May work on support and maintenance of non-SAP applications or systems       

Participate in the creation and enforcement of IT software standards and procedures      

Maintain accuracy of helpdesk database of reported problems and the knowledgebase of corrective actions which resolved issue   

Ability to travel 50%+ is required           


Education and Experience: 

10+ years  MM/PP SAP Experience required

BA/BS Degree required

Proven Software Systems experience

Proven understanding of database applications, system development, report writing, and SAP ERP. 

Production support and project experience

Must have solid project management experience, strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills. 

Knowledge of SAP Best practices

Must have ability to interact with all levels and work on multiple projects simultaneously with minimum of supervision.

Employer avg response time


  • Relocation Assistance: Yes
  • Travel: 40 %
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Shafi Rahman almost 4 years ago

Hi! Is this position still available to submit additional candidates? Thanks!

Chakula S. Johnson, Mba almost 4 years ago

What is the status of this position?

  • Bonny Hannah     This job is still open. We really need someone with MMPP in a production planning environment. That is what the hiring manager is looking for on the resume. Thanks!
    almost 4 years ago

Is the position still open? Do you have any candidates in the pipeline?

  • Bonny Hannah     This job is still open. We really need someone with MMPP in a production planning environment. That is what the hiring manager is looking for on the resume. Thanks!
    almost 4 years ago
Las***@***.Com about 4 years ago

What is the ESD for this position? How soon are interviews being conducted?

  • Bonny Hannah     Hi there! ESD to receive candidates and start the phone interview process is ASAP. All candidates that make it through phone interviews will be asked to come to Portland the week of August 17th for in-person interviews with an offer to be extended on that Friday, August 21st. This is the same timeline for all of our SAP openings at this time. There is a three step interview process. 1.) The hiring manager will conduct a 30 minute phone call with the candidates that look good on paper. 2.) If candidate passes that step, they will speak to 2 other people over the phone (30 minute calls.) 2. If candidate passes that step, we will coordinate all travel to Portland for in-person interviews (or the candidate can coordinate the travel themselves and we will reimburse them.) Please help me find someone for this role! Thank you :)
    about 4 years ago
Connect@Adrian Clarke.Com almost 4 years ago

Hi there,

So I see this role up again - were the initial interviews unsuccessful an if so - has the brief been updated?


Heather Gardell, Phr almost 4 years ago

Will a candidate be considered for the role if they lack the degree but meet the other requirements?

  • Bonny Hannah     Yes, we are fine without the degree. They really need to have MMPP in a Production Planning planning envinronmen.. That is what the hiring manager is looking for on the resume.
    almost 4 years ago
Speak With A Geek almost 4 years ago

Saw the last comment was a month ago. Just confirming this job is still open. If you are unaware of SWAG, with over 300k techs in our community, we have the scale to cover most dev stacks, while helping achieve any specific diversification goals for larger clients. Developers are our main focus, but over 70% of our business is technology related positions for sales, marketing, management, etc due to the strong level of technical knowledge required for many openings.

Looking forward to working together!