Data Architect/ Modeler: Bank and Financial Data

Daman, Inc Ok-sign    posted almost 4 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 2000 Hours San Antonio, TX, United States


  1. Provide primary interface between the data warehouse IT team and the CFO’s office as they relate to requirements for enterprise financial management and related areas.
  2. Support the data warehouse team with a deep understanding of source system data and interpret business requirements in terms of data elements required.
  3. Lead data design by leveraging the Oracle OFSAA model.
  4. Support source-target mapping development, data lineage etc.
  5. Communicate solution design and decisions to line of business.
  6. Support the preparation of presentations to senior management with recommendations for actionable outcomes based on quantification of imbedded and potential risks


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business, Economics, Statistics, or similar discipline.
  • Minimum of 10+ years in information management/ data warehousing with data design/ modeling skills a plus.
  • Experience with OFSAA necessary
  • Strong experience in data warehouse design principles and methods.
  • Some experience in designing and developing information management solutions for finance, treasury, risk management or related functions
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Farook almost 4 years ago


I have a candidate to submit but he is looking around $175, CTC or $115 , W2 + all expenses. Let me know if this is manageable?

Sarah Gabaldon Torres almost 4 years ago

How long is the contract? Will it be a contract to hire? Will they allow H1Bs or USC & GC only? How about EADs? Thank you

Amy Gregory almost 4 years ago

I have a possible candidate that would like clarification on a few things before I can submit him. His questions are:

1) Is the bank doing this to get the compliance reporting in place?
2) Or is it part of their Financial Consolidation and financial reporting?
3) And eventually leading to BASEL III compliance?

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this!

Amy Gregory almost 4 years ago

I had one more question from my candidate regarding this position ... Are they looking at compliance reporting or financial consolidation and financial reporting?

Thank you!

Jessica Smith almost 4 years ago

Would you consider candidates who are not US citizens, that may hold a visa or green card? Also, would you consider C2C candidates?