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SIT Test Lead

E Promptus Inc    posted almost 4 years ago

FullTime | Detroit, MI, United States


SIT Test Lead

Location: Detroit, MI

Duration: 6+Months


In addition to the skills listed in the standard job description, the test lead will be effective at the following:

1- Examine SIT grids to ensure traceability to requirements

2- Know what kind of status info to compile and assemble it into an easily understandable form that will quickly reveal problems. This includes but not limited to:

-Defect Counts

-When Defects miss their ECD

-Weekly Test Case Pace

-Slow responses on defect open defects

-Late start on testing

3- Know how to assemble this information into an easily understandable form, one that will quickly reveal problems

4- Make an assessment on how things are proceeding

5- Know how to make decisions based on this info

6- Be proactive in providing your observations and concerns to the team, especially to the project leadership. State risk in terms of what will happen if the danger becomes true


Top 3 Required Skills/Experience:

1. Test Team Leadership 3yrs

2. Ability to effectively communicate testing activities and findings in oral and written formats 3yrs

3. Demonstrated ability to take testing estimates and produce a schedule by project phase 3yrs


Required Skills/Experience:

Test Plan/Strategy Composition

Background as a Tester or Developer


Preferred Skills/Experience:

Excel, Healthcare Experience, ClearQuest & Oracle



Bachelor degree is required in a software-related field



Kalyan | ePromptus Inc | 248-793-9041


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