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FullTime | $100,000 | Billerica, MA, United States


The EDI and SAP Business analyst analyzes complex business problems to be solved with SAP and similar automated systems.  Provides technical expertise in identifying, evaluating and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet user requirements. Configures system settings and options; plans and executes unit, integration and acceptance testing; and creates specifications for systems to meet business requirements.  Design, configuration, and functional experience in SAP.  May lead cross-functional linked teams to address business or systems issues.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Strong SAP technical, configuration, and business area knowledge.  Be able to configure SAP at a project level
  • Firm understanding of EDI file formats and SAP IDOCs
  • Capable of translating customer and internal specifications for enhancements and extentions to electronic data interface application interfaces and maps.
  • Experience working with Trading Partners and EDI service providers.
  • Manage projects of small to medium size and scope.
  • Translate user’s requests into application system solutions.  Analyze system user requirements to define and design system configuration, enhancements, and modifications
  • Resolve business issues by working with various groups within and outside of the company (ie.  system users, company management, consultants, software support staff)
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams to define and design complex processes and procedures for the configuration, upgrade, and maintenance of sap and related application systems
  • Define requirements for specific forms/reports
  • Design test plans, execute test scenarios, validate test data, and document test results
  • Coordinate end-user training documentation and train end users as required.  Perform project management and detailed analysis of business practices, processes, and scenarios. Redesign procedures to suggested best business practices in concert with sap functionality
  • Utilize query and reporting tools to provide flexible and timely information to system users determine the appropriate programming tools to supply information to system users
  • Perform the majority of the project management functions of the user groups including: coordinating, organizing, planning and scheduling, communicating, tracking accountability, ensuring documentation, monitoring and evaluating, problem solving and technical assistance
  • Participate in the creation and enforcement of IT software standards and procedures.
  • Maintain accuracy of helpdesk database of reported problems and the knowledgebase of corrective actions which resolved issues

Education and Experience:  (Qualifications and/or Requirements)

  • 10+ years  EDI/SAP experience required

  • BA/BS Degree required

  • Proven software systems experience

  • Proven understanding of EDI formats, IDOCs, and SAP ERP.

  • Production support and project experience

  • Knowledge of SAP Best practices

  • Must have ability to interact with all levels and work on multiple projects simultaneously with minimum of supervision.
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Aas***@***.Com about 3 years ago

Whats the status of this position and how come no feedback on candidates submitted? Is the position still open?

Dawn Gray over 3 years ago

what is citizenship requirement? Is there relocation? What is the benefits package and/or incentives?

Layton Holcombe about 3 years ago

Please note that I have spoken to at least a dozen potential candidates who all state your $100K offering for someone of the 10+ yrs experience(and a citizen) you're requesting, to be based in Massachusetts, is at least $30K too low.

Dub***@***.Com about 3 years ago


I may have a candidate is this position still open?

Ioana Lungu about 3 years ago

Hi, are you still looking for candidates, or is the job closed?
Many thanks

Aka***@***.Com about 3 years ago

Is this position still open? please update