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Ad Optimization Expert

Monetizemore    posted over 3 years ago

FullTime | Austin, TX, United States


Job Description:

1) Handles a premium publisher account
2) Implements Google Ad Networks and 3rd Party Ad Networks in DFP
3) Trend Analysis on Traffic Sources from Google Analytics and other possible Analytics tools
4) Builds relationship with the publisher and assist them in achieving their ultimate goal
5) Strategize on other ad revenue streams and suggests them to publishers
6) Obsessive testing on various strategies and implements the best to increase overall revenue of the publisher
7) Achieve the daily CPM benchmark or revenue benchmark established by MonetizeMore and the client

Required Competencies:

  • University degree in business, economics or anything related to math & statistics
  • Great understanding of statistical theories and principles
  • Strong technical background and knowledge
  • Has sales experience specifically with customer relationship management
  • Has an elaborate knowledge of Google AdSense policy
  • Has worked with AdSense and DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Has built and run a website with ad revenue


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