DataStage Developer

Daman, Inc Ok-sign    posted about 3 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 2000 Hours Arlington, TX, United States


Job Description: 

Analyze, design, develop and test advanced data warehouse solutions on databases such as Oracle Exadata, Teradata and Netezza, 
Development of ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) programs using the InfoSphere DataStage tool suite
Develop and deploy DQ platforms leveraging Quality and Profiler components 
Define and integrate client specific ETL best practices. Leverage, modify and customize Daman Standard ETL architecture components in developing client integration solutions
Train and mentor client resources on all ETL Technology components


Advanced experience with InfoSphere DataStage is required
Strong experience with one of the following: Teradata, Netezza or Oracle Exadata is required 
Must have strong core technical competency in database and multi-tier technologies and an understanding of and experience with data extraction from legacy systems. Understanding of data warehouse modeling concepts a plus. 
Strong knowledge of DBMS concepts: good conceptual understanding of data structures and basic algorithms (e.g. Stacks, sorting, queues) 
Must have experience writing & deploying stored procedures, tuning SQL scripts/queries and using database monitoring facilities 
Energetic, self-motivated and versatile individual who is goal and deadline oriented and exhibits strong technical communication skills. 
A strong understanding of tool architecture and tool certification is desired. However, Daman will offer certification and training to candidates who meet most of the other requirements.

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Cynthia Amador about 3 years ago

On hold?!!! My candidate spoke to someone and was shortlisted. He is 100% qualified and is a perfect match. I go and check on the status and now it's on hold! What gives?

Layton Holcombe about 3 years ago

Is Visa Support available ?

  • Balaji     Yes, if we hire the person full time. However, we still need to figure out the fee if we hire the candidate full time.
    about 3 years ago
Jessie Pernell about 3 years ago


-Are you accepting applicants that have H1B Visas?

-Can the position be done remotely?

  • Balaji     This is not a remote position. The consultants are required to be onsite. H-1 candidates are ok.
    about 3 years ago
Aka***@***.Com about 3 years ago

Is this position still open? please help on this?

Cleveland Bonds about 3 years ago

What is the citizenship requirement?

  • Balaji     No citizenship requirement.
    about 3 years ago
Graham Odenyo about 3 years ago

is relocation provided

  • Balaji     Only if we hire the person full time, will we provide relocation. However, we have not defined a hiring fee with Jobhuk for this position.
    about 3 years ago
Dch***@***.Com about 3 years ago

Hello, what are your polices regarding citizenship? Is it possible for this job to go beyond 2000 hours?
Thank you!

Wor***@***.Com about 3 years ago

Is the relocation reimbursement available? If so , how much?

  • Balaji     Relocation reimbursement only if we hire the candidate full time. Again, no hiring fee has been agreed to with Jobhuk.
    about 3 years ago
Jacob Horn about 3 years ago

- What is the duration of the contract?
- What is the hourly pay rate to the contractor?
- 1099 or W2?
- Contract to perm?
- How many years of experience needed?

  • Balaji     All these details have been provided in the job posting.
    about 3 years ago