Senior Software Engineer with JBoss Experience

Optimal Partners Consulting, Llc Ok-sign    posted about 3 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 8 Weeks Boston, MA, United States

Minimum criteria:

  • Have you migrated code from a JBoss 4.x to a JBoss 10.x envioronment?


Absolute Must-Have:

Senior Software Engineer with experience migrating Java code from older version of JBoss to JBoss Enterprise 7 or JBoss Wildfly 10. 

Other Requirements

- Expert in Java, JBoss, Hibernate, and JMX

- Expert in deploying applications on Linux Platforms  (Oracle Linux, Centos RHEL)

- Competent with development tools like Eclipse and Subversion.

 - Knowledgeable in MySQL.




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Dawn Gray about 3 years ago

Will you accept a B1 visa