Salesforce Architect

Delphi Software International Ok-sign    posted almost 3 years ago

Contract | | 6 Months Irvine, CA, United States


6+ Years Salesforce experience:

A Technical Salesforce Architect designs the key technical Salesforce components of the solution and helps direct  technical resources to develop and deliver the project deliverables.  The role reduces the overall project technical risk by uncovering design issues early in the project life-cycle, shares implementation best practices, and recommends solution alternatives.  Additional, the role often conducts design/code reviews during major project milestones.


  • Conducts business with the utmost professionalism including:
    • Fulfills commitments consistently on-time and proactively escalates commitments that are in jeopardy.
    • Responds promptly to requests and never allows queries to fall into a "black hole." 
    • Attends meetings on time, always.   
  • Judges the tradeoffs with technology and feasibility and makes choices that fit the constraints of the project.
  • Familiar with project management fundamentals and fulfilling the project management role on projects.
  • Designs and implements business technology solutions focused on cloud-based business applications, specifically, Salesforce, Google, Workday and other custom solutions.
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Aas***@***.Com about 3 years ago

I have a US Citizen with perfect experience but his rate is pretty high himself...are you able to pay $120/hr vs $110/hr?

Aas***@***.Com almost 3 years ago

What's status of my two candidates? B Thornton & Deven Jaykant?

V.S***@***.Com about 3 years ago

i have a candidate who will need some h1 visa is there something that you can handle sponsorship?

Inf***@***.Com about 3 years ago

Hi, what is the industry for this position? Also will this position be based at a client site?

Cleveland Bonds about 3 years ago

Since this is a contract position does the employee need to be onsite or can it be done remotely? If onsite is relocation offered? What is the citizenship requirement (US citizen, green card, etc)?

Cameron Atkinson about 3 years ago

Are you looking for a certain kind of degree here?

Saeed Copti almost 3 years ago

Hi, can you confirm if this position is still open?

  • Sla***@***.Com     Saeed thanks, this position has been closed for a while. For some reason it shows up as active. Thank you
    almost 3 years ago
Dee***@***.Com about 3 years ago


This is Dee with Quality Technology Staffing and I would like to provide some qualified applicants for your contract.

I need to know though who is the end company so I can provide that information to my candidates.


Hello - can you please let me know your location and do you have a salary range? Also, are you willing to sponsor any Visa candidates?