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Fiber Optic Characterization Technician

Mpowerme    posted almost 3 years ago

Contract | | 2000 Hours Atlanta, GA, United States


Perform OTDR and light source/ power meter field measurements and creating comprehensive reports in spreadsheets. Perform CD field measurements and creating comprehensive reports in spreadsheets. Read OTDR traces in the field and based upon results perform field troubleshooting of dark fiber circuits, clearing reflective events, finding air gaps, making a field determinations as to whether connectors will need to be re-terminated for performance reasons. Cleaning, scoping, documenting fiber end faces with video scopes. From visual inspection and test measurements make recommendations and consult with fiber analysts as to needed remediation steps. Interface with vendors on site, open vendor trouble tickets for problem resolution. Mark up mark up field drawings and create DF as-builts documenting demarcs, patch panels, fiber labeling, fiber numbers, RR assignments, breaker assignments, etc. Interface with local carrier teams to fix issues uncovered during field analysis faulty splices high reflections undocumented/wrong demarcs incorrect breaker assignments incorrect geographic information such as wrong addresses incorrect fiber types vs contracted fiber type Perform BERT testing on LAN and WAN PHY circuits and generate reports Perform RFC 2544 ethernet testing and generate reports Troubleshoot LAN and WAN PHY circuits during the course of BERT testing resolving patch panel and cabling issues Perform site survey for small sites such as ILAs.

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