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Java Architect

Impetus Solutions Inc    posted almost 3 years ago

Contract | | 3800 Hours Albany, NY


Position Title: Sr. Java Architect

Duration: 24 months contract  and renewals for multi-year.

Location: Albany, NY



Java Application Development.

A minimum of Ten  years’ experience developing and implementing Java J2SE/EE applications in a Websphere system. 

Java Software Architect.

A minimum of five years’ experience as a Software/Solutions Architect for a Java J2SE/EE based Websphere system.  A minimum of five years’ experience using Agile software development methodology.

A minimum of two years’ experience implementing SOAP-based web services, leveraging frameworks such as Apache CXF or JAX-WS

A minimum of three years’ experience integrating FileNet document storage and retrieval in a Java application, leveraging FileNet web services.A minimum of three years’ experience in providing development and implementation of the Apache Wicket Java component framework in a Production environment.  List all applicable projects with dates, noting the specific version of Apache Wicket used.

A minimum of five years’ experience using BOTH Spring and Hibernate for Java.

A minimum of five years’ experience mentoring junior developers in Java.

A minimum of five years’ Java development experience using the Apache Struts framework. 


Job Duties:

Follow existing CIO standards, Java frameworks and design patterns to design graphical user interfaces, develop detailed application design and system architecture, develop application code,  execute  unit  and  integration testing,  identify application code  and services for reuse, develop and review technical documentation, and develop deployment scripts;

b.   Conduct systems analysis research and design activities for improving or enhancing system performance;

c.   Formulate test plans, and test and debug developed programs;

d.   Work  directly with  system  users  and  business  analysts  to  identify user  needs  and alternative solutions;

e.   Prepare and update project plans related to technical tasks;

f.   Report to the CIO Manager and the BOC Manager on the status of tasks and any issues encountered in applications;

g.   Ensure that all application development and maintenance activities are consistent with OSC’s secure coding standards;

h.   Participate in application security testing;

i.    Perform code reviews of development team deliverables;

j.    Evaluate system defects, propose fixes, and prioritize and coordinate fixes for production deployment;

k.   Provide technical guidance, mentoring, and support to other programmers;

l.    Transfer knowledge to CIO Java resources;

m.  Perform other related duties as identified by the CIO Manager and the BOC Manager;

n.   Support BOC needs related to data analytics and reporting efforts; and

o.   Document all application design, development and integration work for use by CIO and BOC in architecting current and future enterprise applications.


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