Part-Time Sigma ProSAM Functional Consultant/Advisor/Trainer

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Contract | Staffing Agency | | 12 Months Boston, MA, United States


University in Boston seeking part time (10-20 hours a week) Sigma ProSAM Functional Consultant/Advisor/Trainer for the duration of 1 year.


To provide expert advice on best practices for use of ProSam software on part-time basis.


Very experienced member of a Financial Aid office at large university

Expert user of Sigma ProSAM, ideally part of an implementation team and as a member of the Financial Aid office

Strong knowledge of best practice financial aid processes, especially as relate to ProSAM

Experience previously streamlining processes within the Financial Aid office

Strong knowledge and experience in current federal and state financial aid policies and procedures

Able to solve difficult functional problems with the software - having experience in multiple approaches

Able to provide advice and train members of other university financial aid departments on best use of ProSAM .

Experience as liaison between Financial Aid office and IT department

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