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Visual Designer

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FullTime | Staffing Agency | $90,000 | New York, NY, United States


ou’re a visual designer who is hands on but also has prior experience crafting the strategic  design direction of a consumer brand that is meant to both delight and meet goals (read:  conversions).     In this role you’ll work closely with the CEO as well as the marketing team on a daily basis to  iterate on the  website, ad creative, and offline collateral while creating a thoughtful,  intuitive experience across all of our brand touchpoints. When people say “Hmmm… what  should we do here?” in a meeting, you’ll contribute not just concepts, color palettes, and grid  systems, but also by offering critical thoughts about everything from copywriting to code  ramifications to business goals.    
Your day­â€‹ ​ to­â€‹ ​ day responsibilities will include:  
● Working with our marketing team to produce a variety of outward­facing marketing  material such as landing pages, email templates, display ads, presentations,  beautifully­styled visualizations, event signage, etc.  
● Produce and own visual design style guides and maintain them as they evolve  
● Deliver pixel​ ­perfect designs and guide the development process
 â— Design interactive elements such as animations, rollovers, etc.
 â— Translate technical features, process workflows and company­relevant stats into  infographics 
● Contribute constructively to team brainstorms and group critiques throughout the  development process  â— Contribute to and provide a visual design language, patterns, and assets for  products  
● Add beauty, elegance, creativity, and inspire creative boldness wherever needed 
  Required qualifications & experience: 
 â— Strong knowledge of Sketch and/or the Adobe Creative Suite  
● 3+ years of relevant experience
 â— Strong knowledge of responsive & mobile design principles  
● Experience simplifying complex problems and creating intuitive customer experiences for  the web
 â— Experience working on a conversion and metrics­â€‹ driven consumer product — ideally  e​ commerce (though it can also be downloads, sign​ ups, etc.)
 â— Strong knowledge of traditional design best practices and cutting­edge approaches
 â— Commitment to owning all responsibilities and tasks    
It’d be awesome if you had:  
● UI/UX design experience for Android and iOS  
● Exposure to online advertising, email marketing, data analytics, and tools like Mixpanel  and Optimizely
 â— Startup experience, or some other kind of scrappy small team  Experience sourcing and managing external creative resources & consultants
 â— Enthusiasm for working collaboratively with a small but dedicated group of talented  individuals  â— Impeccable task management prowess and serious gumption
 â— An affinity for creating animated gifs, telling jokes, sharing funny links  

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