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Position: Senior Credit Analyst


Job Purpose Summary:

As Senior Credit Analyst the incumbent will have full responsibility to contemplate all forms of transactional risk to the Bank including, but not limited to, credit, counterparty, market and reputational risk. The principal purpose of the job is to minimize credit losses to the Bank and to maximize recoveries whilst facilitating revenue generation within approved limits and policy guidelines.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • -  Provide necessary support to Credit Department Head

  • -  Participate to Bank’ Target Market and Strategy write-up (setting up of Risk Acceptance Criteria etc)

  • -  Coordinate Branch Credit Committee weekly sitting meeting (agenda, related credit files etc)

  • -  Responsible for ensuring timely completion of new credit applications and annual credit reviews

  • -  Ensure that the credit approval process operates effectively with sound recommendations on risk in compliance with credit policy

  • -  Monitor economic, market and competitor information to remain abreast of developments likely to impact on the Bank’s risk

  • -  Monitor existing and, where necessary, devise and implement new processes and procedures in respect of all aspects of credit management.

  • -  Develop and implement early warning mechanisms to enable timely action to be taken by Credit Committee and senior management.

  • -  Responsible for the adequacy of legal documentation and security in respect of all credit facilities

  • -  Assist in customer development and relationship management as required

  • -  Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with all other related departments and units to achieve the Bank’s goals/ objectives.

  • -  Provide timely and accurate information to external and internal auditors and the Compliance function as and when required.


    Senior Credit Analyst will be responsible for:

  • -  Determining the maximum level of exposure for the relationship.

  • -  Confirming that the client meets all target market criteria.

  • -  Obtaining proper credit approvals for the consolidated exposure.

  • -  Ensuring that the overall group exposure is within approved concentration limits.

  • -  Conducting all required analysis and due diligence on the relationship.

  • -  Assigning overall relationship risk ratings.

  • -  Providing Approving Units (as defined in the Credit Policy) with consent for exposures approved by them.

  • -  Keeping all Approving Units informed of any material developments affecting the customer group including regular calls memos for their files/records.

  • -  Aggregating financing needs from affiliates prior to preparing the Global CA.

  • -  Informing affiliates of approvals/non-objections received on the Global CA

  • -  Sharing Security and Documentation with participating affiliates received at Global Level


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