Lead EMI Qualification Test Engineer

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Job Summary:

The Lead EMI Qualification Test Engineer will report to the Technical Director of S&T and provide leadership, oversight and contribution to all phases of product qualification, with specific emphasis in the area of EMI/EMC Qual. This individual shall be responsible to perform qualification testing of FLIR products through all phases of product Qual (planning, executing, reporting, and troubleshooting). Extensive experience and knowledge of product qualification to MIL-STD-461 standards and other related military and commercial standards is required.  General knowledge of MIL-STD-810 is a plus.

Detailed Description:

Lead and participate in all Product Qualification (Qual) efforts for FLIR products, with specific leadership capabilities in Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) qualification testing and the ability to learn and support in Environmental (ENV) testing, as needed.

Oversee the operation and maintenance of the FLIR in-house EMI Chamber Facility and it’s equipment and calibration.  Set-up hardware, collect data, analyze data and write reports. Maintain annual calibration of equipment.  Specify and recommend new equipment, as needed.

Participate and contribute to all phases of product qualification: planning, executing and reporting.

Develop Qual documentation (Qual Test Plans; QTPs). Lead and participate in Test Readiness Reviews and Post-Test Result Reviews.  Provide “lessons-learned” output summaries to product development engineers to help improve future designs to meet qualification standards and requirements.

Lead and support the generation of all Qual Test Reports.

Participate in Pre-Compliance Testing and Design Verification Testing (DVT), as required.  This includes but is not limited to sensor and system performance, and all EMI/EMC testing.

Coordinate efforts related to Qual activities with the product development groups and other stakeholder departments to address any product issues or failures that occur during Qualification.  Work closely to resolve these technical issues and coordinate any required re-testing efforts.

Develop and maintain test schedules, acquire ROM quotes for testing and generate purchase requisitions for test services.

Build and maintain strategic alliances will external Qual Test Facilities. Participate in facility certification audits and quality reviews.

Participate in product design reviews (PDR, CDR) to ensure that Qual requirements, specification flow-downs and testing requirements are properly accommodated in the product development cycle.

Participate in customer reviews of Qual material.

Contribute to technical proposals in Qual-related areas.

Mentor/coach junior and senior engineers in Qual-related areas.

Work with absolute commitment to corporate goals. Adhere fully to corporate strategies, policies, schedules and budgets.

Support other departments and customers by fielding technical inquiries.

Perform other job related activities, as required.


BS in Engineering Sciences (electrical, mechanical, etc.).  Minimum of ten (10) years experience in product qualification testing including a proven background/experience/knowledge specifically in MIL-STD-461.  ISO 9001 and related quality and reliability knowledge and experience a plus.  Knowledge and/or experience with other MIL-STD’s (MIL-STD-704, 1275, 464, etc.) and commercial testing standards (i.e., FCC, FAA, DO-160, etc.), is also desired.  Knowledge in the operation and use of spectrum analyzers, EMI data analysis software (TILE 7), and laboratory calibration methods is required.  Ability to both perform new EMI testing and troubleshoot hardware.  Must work effectively with all technical professionals; technicians, engineers, scientists and consultants.  Strong organizational and time management skills.  Ability to work as a leader and individual contributor depending upon the needs of the project.  Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills and have the ability to report effectively.  Proven project management experience.  Occasional travel (to test laboratories) is required.


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Spencer Ross almost 3 years ago

Could you share the salary details for the role and candidate preference (if any)?

  • Jam***@***.Com     Salary range is 110,000-120,000. Not sure I know how to answer candidate preference.....but this role requires US Citizenship and must be well versed in EMI testing/qualification to various mil stds. We will consider relocation for the ideal candidate.
    almost 3 years ago