Principal Software Control Systems Engineer

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FullTime | Billerica, MA, United States


Job Summary:

Leadership role, responsible for all facets of software (SW) tasks to all projects assigned. Generates SW project requirements to support new development efforts, upgrade existing product capabilities, or to resolve product/process problems.  Conducts and/or oversees technical investigations, as needed.  Prepares design specs, analyses, and recommendations for presentation and approval.  Researches, architects, develops, documents, tests and evaluates complex real-time embedded software that is used in control systems, GPS navigation, sensor data collection and real-time imaging.  Perform system simulation, programming, integration, test, debug, verification of designs, configuration control, reporting, and documentation.  Applies advanced engineering theories, methods and research techniques in solution of complex and advanced technical problems.  Is a subject matter expert (SME) or has considerable experience in motion system control, GPS/INS/NAV theory & target solution implementation and testing in multi-sensor systems. Mentor lower level engineers.



Provide technical expertise and leadership in the development of system specifications by interpreting customer needs in terms of engineering specifications and design features, and using basic performance and cost tradeoffs to evaluate the relative merit of features.

Perform technical investigation to define project requirements and strategy for multi-sensor infrared imaging payloads.

Responsible for defining system level architecture including hardware/software trade-offs, design, development and qualification (test, debug and verification) of complex modules and programs, both internally and through third party developers.

Coordinate the execution of each design module by tracking against plans and adjusting schedule and design to optimize total system design.

Provide technical leadership and expertise to all engineering groups in the areas of SW and related technical knowledge.

Perform trade-off recommendations to resolve product/process problems and to support the development of new products/processes.

Develop specialized test plans and conduct lab and/or field testing to validate system performance.

Create and maintain statement of work documents, schedules and specifications.  Responsible for all related SW documentation, ECO release, and program CDRL’s, as appropriate.

Support products through-out the entire product life cycle.

Provide significant contributions to new product development, including patents, technical papers and presentations.

Play a role in capturing funded development efforts, investigatory and design programs. 

Development, enhancement and maintenance of real time multi-threaded embedded software.  Designs may include feedback control algorithms such as PID controllers for dynamic pointing and tracking, inertial stabilization, embedded servo control systems and mechanism and actuator control.

Stay informed of new technical developments impacting embedded systems design.

Conduct independent research, self-study, and/or interface or attend industry /  Gov’t meetings or conferences to pro-actively increase your relevant job knowledge and apply this new information to increase the capabilities and competitive edge of our products, SW tools and development processes.

Perform other job related duties as required.


BS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Masters degree preferred.  A minimum of 20 years of software engineering experience and a background in electrical engineering preferred.  Must have a proven record of SW project management experience.  This experience must include involvement with the project from inception to transfer to manufacturing including acting as lead POC with both internal and external customers.  Must have experience in development and integration of multi-sensor infrared imaging payloads including EO/IR sensor, Laser Range Finders, a wide range of SW interfaces and protocols  Must be fluent in C, C++, multi-threaded real-time operating systems such as VxWorks and real-time Linux, and object-oriented design and development as well as a multitude of SW development and bug tracking tools.  Experience in developing software for embedded systems is required.  Proficient using tools such as Matlab and Simulink for algorithm development and simulation as well as the control of devices such as motors, angle encoders, gyros, and inertial references. Experience in Windows applications and GUIs, knowledge of Network Protocols such as TCP/IP, and knowledge of configuration management and documentation tools such as Perforce and SAP. Must have experience working with a multi disciplined team of engineers (mechanical, electrical, optical).  Must possess excellent analytical and communications skills.

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Cynthia Amador over 2 years ago

How long has this role been posted and what is the deadline for candidate submissions?

  • Jam***@***.Com     This role was open for a couple of months however we recently changed the job description and requirements. There's no deadline....or until we find the right candidate.
    over 2 years ago
Gregory Karanja over 2 years ago

Are you offering relocation package for successful candidate?

  • Jam***@***.Com     We will offer relocation for the ideal candidate.
    over 2 years ago
Heather Gardell, Phr over 2 years ago

What is the pay range for this role? Will you consider relocation?

  • Jam***@***.Com     Hi Heather, yes we will consider relocation for the ideal candidate. Pay range is 150,000--160,000,
    over 2 years ago
Kal***@***.Net over 2 years ago

Any bonus structure for this role? Job description says 20 years of experience required, will you consider 15-20 years experience candidates?

  • Jam***@***.Com     Yes we will consider candidates with 15-20 years of related experience. We do have a variable bonus program but do not publish it.
    over 2 years ago
Car***@***.Com over 2 years ago


Can you please confirm if this position is still open. I have submitted candidates for it but as yet, they have not been viewed.

Many thanks in advance.