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HI - CCU RN Avail. in Jan.

Maui Memorial Medical Center    posted over 2 years ago

Contract | Wailuku, HI


On Call Rate:$4 hour pager Overtime Rate:All Inclusive Rate + $10 Call Back Minimum: Holiday Rate:All Inclusive Rate + $10 shift:Varied - Candidate Must Be Flexible, D/N, rotating 12-hr shifts Minimum Years Experience Required:3 Certification Requirements: General:ACLS, BLS, PALS, NIH Stroke, Hawaii State license Nursing:No Certifications Needed Dialysis:No Certifications Needed II. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESA. Nursing Duties 40%1. Maintains standards of nursing care for adult and pediatric patients requiring extraordinary care on a concentrated and continuous basis.2. Implements policies and procedures of the organization and the nursing department.3. Assesses patients condition (physical and psychosocial); prioritizes needs; and sets goals, and nursing actions to meet those needs which includes discharge teaching.4. Reports and records pertinent observations and reactions to care rendered.5. Administers medications and treatment to assigned patients.6. Assists with specific tests and procedures as needed.7. Participates in economical utilization of supplies.8. Assures that equipment is always maintained and available for use.9. Assists team members in giving care to patients.10. Coordinates nursing care of patients when scheduled for procedures by other departments.11. Establishes and maintains open communication.12. Utilizes teaching opportunities with patient and other significant individuals.13. Assists with/or institutes emergency measures for sudden adverse occurrences in patients.14. Maintains clean, safe and well-supplied environment for patient and staff.15. On regular, sustained basis, cooperates with other staff members both inside and outside department in accomplishment of own job duties as well as assisting others in accomplishing theirs; serves as team player and role model for other employees in the organization always exhibiting traits of courtesy, caring, helpfulness and respect; conducts oneself in service-oriented manner that is attentive, pleasant, cooperative, sensitive, respectful and kind when dealing with team members, visitors, public and all employees.16. Performs other duties and accepts responsibility as assigned.B. Patient Care Activities 35%1. Obtains initial nursing assessment. a. Completes and documents initial nursing assessment.b. Performs assessment which includes:1) Complete vital signs: BP, TPR2) Nurses, name, first initial and last3) Time of assessment4) History of recent complaint5) Brief medical history 6) Complete list of medication and doses7) Allergies 8) Other pertinent assessment facts such as LMP, tetanus history, weight, etc.2. Observes and assesses patients on an ongoing basis throughout the patients stay.a. Assess patient's physical and psychological state as well his or her responses to treatments.b. Assess and reflects condition of patient accurately.c. Assess when appropriate reflecting nurseí¢ŒóŒ»s degree of knowledge, i.e. bowel sounds, breath sounds neuro checks, etc.d. Documents assessments.3. Assesses and documents patient knowledge and understanding of their disease process, injury, and treatment.a. Documents teaching provided.b. Documents written instruction given.c. Documents when teaching resource is contacted and provides written instructions to patient to assure follow through.d. Demonstrates awareness of facility and community resources and initiates referrals when needed and appropriate; documents referrals.e. Document appropriate information on forms used by Maui Memorial Medical Center.4. Provides report to oncoming shift, and other members of the health care team in the following manner:a. Be concise and accurately reflect physiological and psychological facts regarding each patient.b. Shifts reports to be done on time and are to start immediately at start of shift.5. Initiates communication directly with peers or other appropriate personnel relative to providing continuous quality patient care.a. Keeps physician current on changes in patient's condition.C. Safety/Infection Control 10%1. Adheres to patient safety/infection control policies and procedures.2. Reports unsafe equipment and assures follow-up.3. Assesses patients and plans appropriately for safety/infection control.4. Assures that all equipment necessary for provision of care is readily available and in working order.5. Reports incidents and unusual occurrences according to department policies.D. Communications/Customer Service 10%1. Maintains a line of positive communication, promotes teamwork by promoting professional collaboration at all levels.2. Communicates with patients, physicians, staff and management in an effective and customer-focused manner.3. Maintains composure and customer focus in the face of challenging and difficult circumstances.4. Is able to diffuse confrontational situations to the best resolution for all parties.5. Attends staff meetings unless excused in advance.6. Present areas of concern during staff meetings and participates in problem solving process.E. Other Duties 5%1. Plans and organizes workload and is aware and flexible to acute needs of the department.2. Uses the principles of growth and development to assess each patientí¢ŒóŒ»s age-specific needs and provide age specific treatment and care.3. Uses the principles of Pain Management in assisting each patient to be as comfortable and pain free as possible by assessing, treating and educating patient and family.4. Uses knowledge of different cultures to assess each patientí¢ŒóŒ»s cultural specific needs and provides cultural specific treatment and care.5. Attends mandatory in-services unless excused in advance by Clinical Manager.6. Participates in activities of the department, i.e., JCAHO, Safety, PI and Infection Control.7. Maintains competencies through continuing education training to complete unit/hospital annual competencies within appropriate time frame.8. Follows, implements and enforces MMMC, HHSC, and other governing agency policies and procedures with patients, employees and visitors.9. Maintains the strictest confidentiality of all facility and facility related employee/patient information. 10. Performs other duties as assigned.
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