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NM First Assist RN

Artesia General Hospital    posted over 2 years ago

Contract | Artesia, NM


On Call Rate:$5 hour pager Overtime Rate:All Inclusive Rate + $10 Call Back Minimum: Holiday Rate:All Inclusive Rate + $10 shift:flexible shifts Minimum Years Experience Required:3 Certification Requirements: General:ACLS, BCLS, New Mexico or Nurse Compact License with RNFA certification. Nursing:No Certifications Needed Dialysis:No Certifications Needed RN First Assist, this person will work M-F days and need to take 7 days of call/mo and be able to do general surgery and ortho FA. We need them asap for a 13 week contract. JOB SUMMARY: ESSENTIAL VALUES-BASED, LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES:Demonstrates competencies in line with the five core values that are the foundation of all activities performed by employees in order to achieve the Mission of Artesia General Hospital? Respect: Demonstrates competence in respect for others.? Leadership: Demonstrates competence in knowing everyone has a role.? Professionalism: Demonstrates competence in the conduct, aims and qualities of health care.? Dedication: Demonstrates competence in dedication to Artesia General Hospital.? Commitment To Excellence: Demonstrates competence in expecting nothing less than í¢ŒóŒìDOING THE RIGHT THINGí¢ŒóŒ.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:í¢ŒóŒ¢ Self-motivated and capable to respond appropriately to rapidly changing patient care needs and environment.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Sutures muscle, fascia, subcutaneous and skin tissue in collaboration with the surgeon.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Able to anticipate needs of the patient, OR technologist, anesthetist as well as the surgeon.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Must possess a working knowledge of sterile technique, skin preparation, positioning, procedural terminology, infection control and perianesthesia nursing.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Able to assist providers with various procedures, treatments, surgical techniques and/or delegate tasks to other health care team members appropriately.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Able to demonstrate a professional attitude and excellent customer service skills when caring for patient and family members.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Utilize the nursing process by demonstrating appropriate assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the patient's care, as evidenced by client/staff observation.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Teach patient/significant other appropriate health information in a timely manner and share written informational material.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Perform direct patient care, utilizing established procedures, policies, and standards.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Assist patients, family members or other clients with concern and empathy; respect their confidentiality and privacy and communicate with them in a courteous and respectful manner.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Assist in the orientation/training of new employees.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Assist other staff in the performance of their assignments.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Recognize the need for variations in staffing and volunteer to fill open shifts.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Take direction and initiate actions (cross/additional training) that will allow the assumption of cross-functional duties to ensure seamless patient care.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Demonstrate sound judgment by taking appropriate actions regarding questionable findings or concerns.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Evaluates the outcomes of nursing care and ensures continuity of care by communicating pertinent patient information to all staff. í¢ŒóŒ¢ Maintains dignity of the patient while assuming the responsibility of patient advocate. í¢ŒóŒ¢ Skillfully applies principles of asepsis and infection control.ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES:í¢ŒóŒ¢ As assigned. KNOWLEDGE/SKILL/ABILITIES:í¢ŒóŒ¢ Basic computer.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Knowledgeable regarding the nursing process and its application, including the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Has excellent knowledge of surgical anatomy, physiology and operative technique specific to selected procedures to work in collaboration with the surgeon.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Recognizes safety hazards and initiates appropriate preventative and/or corrective actions to ensure a safe environment for the patient and surgical team throughout the peri-operative experience.í¢ŒóŒ¢ Communicates well and supports the organizationí¢ŒóŒ»s employees, physicians and leadership.AGE-RELATED COMPETENCIES: Demonstrates the basic knowledge and skills necessary to identify age-specific patient needs appropriate for this position.INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Treats all information and data within the scope of the position with appropriate confidentiality and security.RISK MANAGEMENT/QUALITY MANAGEMENT/SAFETY: Cooperates fully in all Risk Management, Quality Management, and Safety Activities and Investigations.MINIMUM POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: ? Education: Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing í¢ŒóŒñ Associate Degree or Diploma required. Graduate of an RNFA program. ? Work Experience: One year relevant experience, graduates accepted based upon position availability.? Training: Completion of RNFA program. ? License/Certification: New Mexico or Nurse Compact License with RNFA certification. ENVIROMENTAL CONDITIONS: Work environment consists of daily patient contact, which may include exposure to blood, or other body fluids.PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Physical Demand Analysis attached.
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