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Compunnel Group Ok-sign    posted almost 3 years ago

FullTime | $100,000 | Denver, CO, United States


Working as part of the IT Security team function to ensure the security of corporate data. This role will focus on the administration and support of user facing security tools, along with supporting the vulnerability management program and assisting with the rollout of new security technologies. This role would suit a junior analyst with 2-5 years of experience in an enterprise security team, information security consulting, or technical support role, where the focus has been on administrating and supporting the roll out of user facing security technologies.
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Reyna "Rain" Refuerzo almost 3 years ago

Does this position require US Citizen and GC only? Or H1b can be considered?

Lru***@***.Com almost 3 years ago

Hi what is the salary? What is the mod of interview? Will h1b visa candidates be acceptable or only us citizen and gc holders?