SAP BODS Developer-Lead

Daman, Inc Ok-sign    posted over 2 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 6 Months Houston, TX


We need an experienced SAP BODS Technical Lead to support a Healthcare Data Warehouse Implementation. The SAP ETL Developer will be responsible for the delivery of SAP Data Services and ETL from/to Data Warehousing/EDW.

  • Experience with multi system landscape architecture and integration aspects between heterogeneous system technologies in the areas of Implementation, Modeling, Security & Authorization, Data Provisioning.
  • Hands on experience in using SAP BODS (Business Objects Data Services), SLT and SDA (Smart Data Access) to extract and transform structured/unstructured data from different source systems
  • Strong skills with DW concepts including dimensional models and the various data loading strategies
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Layton Holcombe over 2 years ago

5 months is a little bit long for response time from the employer.

David De Bar over 2 years ago

Is this job order still open for candidate submittals ?

David DeBar
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David De Bar over 2 years ago

Thanks for repsonding

I have some candidates to screen I need a little information before I start

Is this position open for candidate submittal ?
Minimum requirements ?
What are you looking for in a candidate?
the interview process ?
Time process takes from turning resumes in to projecting hiring a candidate?

Please respond so I can get these candidate to you