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Vertical Talent Solutions    posted over 1 year ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 8 Months Hartford, CT

Minimum criteria:

  • 3+ years LifeComm experience
  • 4+ years Assembler coding experience
  • 3+ years experience with converting one system to another



Seeking a skilled hands-on Developer/Coder to perform the programming analysis and coding that supports the LifeComm conversion to GIAS.


  • Assembler coding exp
  • Extensive LifeComm exp/knowledge 
  • Experience with converting one Admin. System platform to another
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India N. Gaut over 2 years ago


I have some applicants for this position. Could you provide your email address?

  • Jas***@***.Com     Please submit candidates through jobhuk portal
    over 2 years ago