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SR Security Engineer

D Js Recruiting Service    posted over 2 years ago

FullTime | Staffing Agency | $155,000 | Austin, TX, United States


We are looking for expert Senior Security Engineers to defend our critical applications. Join a team of elite Security Engineers who work tirelessly to secure the applications used by hundreds of millions of customers every day. Does this sound like you? 
* You enjoy solving challenging technical problems. 
* You have experience that shows breadth and depth of security knowledge. You are strong in multiple domains of software security. 
* You know how to work as a partner with product teams and give them the advantage of your security experience. 
* You recognize, adopt, use, and recommend best practices in security engineering. 
* You work ceaselessly to improve your knowledge of the security threat landscape and of technologies that enable new forms of attack and defense. 
* You are an effective communicator who engages well with technical and non-technical audiences alike. 
Some more characteristics we're looking for: 
* Great logic and problem-solving skills and good security instincts. 
* The desire to solve security challenges at scale, and work on securing the next generation of applications powering the most sophisticated e-commerce platform ever built. 
* Knowledge of threat modeling and other security risk identification methods. 
* Knowledge of system security vulnerabilities and remediation techniques. 
* Understanding of network protocols from data link through application layer. 
* Excellent written and oral communication skills. 
* Development experience in Java and C/C++. 
* Working knowledge of Python, Perl, or Ruby. 
* Exposure to multiple security engineering disciplines including application security, secure software development, cryptography, network security, system security, and security policy. 
* Strong technical capabilities with demonstrated focus in at least one of the above disciplines. 
* Ability to handle interruptions and work well under frequent context switches. 
* Continual drive to increase your knowledge and enhance your skills. 
* Proven ability to work effectively in a technology team. 
* High energy, focus on delivering results, and ability to self-manage. 
* Experience in providing practical solutions that enable product teams to meet business goals while controlling security risk. 
* Ability to solve problems at their root and step back to understand the broader context. 
* Understanding of relevant threat environments and how they affect products. 
* Deep understanding of the interplay between attack and defense. Familiarity with current network security and application security tools and how to apply them. 
* Ability to promote secure design principles and a security-focused outlook across a large organization. 
As a Senior Security Engineer, you will: 
* Perform end-to-end application security reviews to ensure critical information is appropriately protected. 
* Identify security vulnerabilities and risks, and develop mitigation plans. 
* Provide security architecture and design consultations to product teams, to help them build applications that are secure from the start. 
* Architect, design, implement, support, and evaluate security tools and services, in an individual and/or project leadership role. 
* Develop and interpret security policies and procedures. Influence security policy and security strategy across a large organization. 
* Serve as a mentor for team members as well as those outside the team. 
* Develop and deliver security training across the company. 
* Evaluate and recommend new and emerging security technologies for use inside and outside the security organization. 
* Produce creative and inventive solutions for large problems. Participate in projects that develop new intellectual property. 
* Be an advocate for customer trust. 
Basic Qual. 
* Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics. 

* Emerging company-wide reputation in information security. 

* At least 6 years of experience in application security. 

* Detailed technical knowledge of application security, system security, network security, authentication/authorization protocols, and cryptography. Hands-on experience in at least one of the above. 

* Experience in threat modeling and risk identification. 

* Experience in security vulnerability assessments and remediation techniques. 

* Postgraduate degree with concentration in information security. 

* Previous experience developing and delivering security software tools. 

* Experience with security in service-oriented architectures and web services. 

* Experience in penetration testing and exploitability-focused vulnerability assessment. 

* Experience in platform-level security mitigations and hardening for Linux. 

* Detailed knowledge of standards for authentication and authorization. 

* Secure software development lifecycle experience.

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