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Mobile Developer

Toro Development    posted over 6 years ago

FullTime | Barcelone, Espagne


Toro is a leading company in the NFC Mobile Ecosystem. We are pioneers in this knowledge area and we are positioning ourselves as a global reference in the Near Field Communication. The technology that we are building will be used in your mobile device very soon and is now giving a new way of understanding the mobile environment.

What we build is a continuous Engineering challenge. We are creating a World class machinery that allow us to tag and pay, travel, check-in or even play with our cell phones. The Team is formed by top level research engineers and specialists in the area. Continuous workshops, researches, tech events and full contact with the main engineering actors of the present and the future of the NFC.

Toro Mobile Division is implementing the concept of global mobility for its Team Members. By this approach you will be able to work in any office of Toro in the world. Now Europe and Asia are in the scope, you decide where to work Barcelona or Taipei. Tomorrow can be New Zealand, Paris, Hong Kong, Norway, the Silicon Valley ... Know the world and know the Toro Mobile Airborne Division.

Toro is a Great Place to Work, to find out why ... Internships and full positions Open!

No. of internship: 8
Location: Barcelona/Taipei
What you need for this position ?

• Excellent Team Skills

• Passion for Mobile

• Java J2ME

• Knowledge in j2me, Android, Blackberry, different OS mobile development

• Awesome Coding Strength

• Good written and oral command of English is a must.
• Previous valuable work experience will be analyzed.


What you'll be doing ?


Hand in hand you will coordinate with a Expert Mobile Engineer who will be in charge of your training in order to let you know the system architecture and make sure that you can learn about how to design, implement and test the different parts of the system. Whether you are pointed to UI/UX or Logics you will enter the path of proficiency here. Using top level tools of programming and the latest agile methods to optimize the dynamics of the team you will be able to experience how the Mobile Airborne Division is creating one of the most complex and interesting applications of the Mobile Industry.


If you are a good fit for this position and are interested in working in an international and dynamic environment please send us your English resume to the following email address:

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