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Lead Developer

Sa Trails, Inc.    posted about 6 years ago

FullTime | $72,000 | Austin, TX


About us: small capital backed start-up that needs some additional technical resources. Our prroduct is built for tourism space in emerging markets by operators with years of experience and open sales channels in those markets.

The position:
My go-to technical lead and developer to take the current iteration of our software/firmware to the next level. Talking to firmware team that open source technologies such as openWRT and CoovaChili. Translating ideas that are properly scoped out into actual working products using innovative technology. Take the lead as we move from offshore dev to a dedicated team that can oversee our growth as we move from demo to live.


Opportunity is full time with an initial contract term of 4 months, looking to create a lifetime position.  As the first dedicated technical lead, put yourself in position to maintain a leadership role as we grow.

Extensive experience with LAMP stack (deployment and development)
Experience with UI/UX concepts
Experience with Zend 

Experience with horizontally scalable geo replicated applications
Experience with CDN 

Multi lingual (spanish)

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