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Senior Software Engineer

Open Garden    posted over 6 years ago

FullTime | San Francisco, CA


Open Garden, a mobile software startup in San Francisco is looking to fill positions able to make substantial contributions to the development of our core technology.

We are working on a peer-to-peer overlay wireless mesh network that provides Internet access. Open Garden is agnostic with respect to the underlying data link technology and can currently use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. 

Are you interested in peer-to-peer networking and what it brings for mobile? Let's talk.

We are very small, yet have significant traction with well over a million installs, extensive press coverage, industry deals, etc.


* Minimum 5 years of experience with network programming in C 
* Minimum BA in CS or another technical field
* Demonstrated ability to write complex network code: e.g., a high-performance event loop
* Experience in implementing a protocol specification, e.g., an RFC

Additional pluses

* Experience with startup environment
* Contributing or leading protocol development, e.g., co-authorship or lead authorship of IETF drafts or another form of specification
* Experience with peer-to-peer systems
* Experience with mobile development
* Being based in or near San Francisco
* Contributions to open-source projects
* Knowledge of Objective C, Java, or Ruby


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