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Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse Architect

Unedollar    posted about 5 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 6 Months Austin, TX


Educational/Experiential Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or the equivalent
  • BI/PMP/SCOR/Balanced Scorecard Certifications a Plus
  • Greater than 10 years in IT with at least 5 years Architectural experience
  • Need to have worked with Microsoft SQL Server, flat files and other databases

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Broad and deep BI and/or application Architecture experience – with a CPM/BPM/EPM focus.
  • Multi-platform experience a plus. At least one amongst Microsoft platform experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver high impact business intelligence solutions in complex environments.
  • Excellent knowledge of prototyping & proof of concept mechanisms
  • Very strong experience in Score Carding & Performance Management mechanisms required.
  • Experience in utilization of Balanced Score Card, Strategy Map techniques to implement EPM
  • Requires strong problem solving, analytical, teamwork and leadership skills.   
  • Requires strong interpersonal, and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Develop information architecture.
  • Manage current and future needs in data design and content.
  • Resolve semantic discrepancies in data definitions that arise.
  • Gain consensus among users on common business data definitions.
  • Determine the optimal approach for obtaining data from diverse sources.
  • Implement the ETL infrastructure used at a project level.
  • Establish and enforce technical standards for deliverables of projects.
  • Assess current technical architecture.
  • Estimate system capacity to meet near- and long-term processing requirements.
  • Define BI strategy/processes for Operations, Technical Architecture, Definition of technical architecture for BI environment, Hardware requirements, DBMS requirements, Middleware requirements, Network requirements, Server configurations, Client configurations
  • Develop ETL technical architecture.
  • Evaluate and select access/analysis tools.
  • Monitor BI usage capture and maintenance of metrics.
  • Develop and manage the BI dependency plan, job scheduling and cycle management.
  • Determine and ensure execution of backup and recovery strategy.
  • Ensure execution of archival strategy.
  • Continue to investigate and evaluate emerging BI technologies.
  • Define and get agreement with support and IT operations personnel on service level agreements.
  • Ensure the BI meets service level requirements.
  • Monitor business use and performance of the BI and provide feedback.
  • Develop, manage, schedule and document BI operations and tasks, including extraction, movement, loading, archival, security, backup and aggregate table creation.
  • Manage requests for changes and prioritize work based on business needs and resources.
  • Manage maintenance processes and procedures.
  • Conduct operational tests.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Install new equipment and software patches and upgrades.
  • Administer user access and security.
  • Search for causes of incompatibility between the warehousing environment and other systems.
  •  Environment maintenance.

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