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Ruby Systems Engineer in Austin, TX

Own Local    posted almost 6 years ago

FullTime | Austin, TX



You’re based in Austin (or want to move here), you’re the best software developer you personally know and you love Ruby on Rails. You want to work on a product used by hundreds of millions now, and billions in the future. You’re capable of building, managing, backing up and improving large software applications. You’re an algorithmist at heart.


About Us

OwnLocal is a sassy, hip, Austin-area startup with a crazy scheme to help newspapers survive by helping small businesses find their place on the web. We’re backed by Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and tons of awesome SV and ATX investors.


Our application is embedded on every webpage of over 400 publications in the United States. We serve more than 100mm monthly impressions and we make money doing it all.


These are some of our recent projects:


• A naive Bayes classifier service built to learn and predict data from local print, radio and broadcast advertisements from all over the country

• A distributed job queue built to extract content from millions of local print advertisements from all over the country

• Migrated a large Ruby on Rails application to Amazon’s OpsWorks

• Our own in-house version of Mechanical Turk brought to life by hundreds of workers

• Software to track the search rankings of our rapidly growing customer base


If we were a condiment, it would be barbecue sauce (extra spicy).


Our Culture

OwnLocal has an engineering culture of ownership, learning and mastery.  Our team is small enough that you can see how your work affects the bottom line.


We have a partially centralized approach — we appreciate that some people do their best work at 2 AM and we do our best to accommodate our engineers’ working style.


We like to experiment. We’re proud to make mistakes (but more proud of our successes).


We’re always trying to get better. Developers that work for us are expected to question the way we do things. If you’re not willing to fight for what’s right, stop reading this now.


What We’re Looking For


You need to work for a company with a mission (we’re saving newspapers BTW); you need a challenge to get up in the morning (3 of our 6 core services are bottlenecked on Quadruple Extra Large instances); you need to be working on technology that no one else is doing (we are better than Google at indexing and extracting data from offline advertising); and you want to learn how to start your own company (we expect most of our engineers to leave in 2-4 years to start their own thing).


We need you to make us better; we will make you better.


You should probably apply if you are good at the following:


• Managing and scaling a full Ruby stack including nginx, unicorn, and caching layers

• Basic Linux system administration

• Building applications in Ruby, Rails and other Rack based tools (i.e. Sinatra)

• Managing deployment with tools like capistrano, Chef, or AWS OpsWorks

• Setting up and using Continuous Integration tools

• Setting up and managing AWS infrastructure

• Automated backup and recovery, including MySQL database and Redis


You should really seriously apply if you are also good at any of the following:


• Configuring a Redis cluster under abuse for high availability

• Build and maintain a work queue across dozens or hundreds of machines

• Optimize MySQL and Sphinx for 25mm queries per day across very large join tables

• Apply machine learning algorithms to automatically correct or predict business and user data, classify businesses, or retrieve interesting data from a large dataset of local print, radio and broadcast advertisements from all over the country

• Deploy robust OpsWorks applications and avoid the pitfalls

• Your idea of fun includes writing a distributed hash table in C

Not-So-Normal Benefits.

Yeah, we do competitive salaries, 100% paid medical / dental coverage, Free Life Insurance, and blah, blah, blah <%= GENERIC_THINGS_NORMAL_COMPANIES_SAY.join(' ') %>.


Please. We’ll spare you… Here are the benefits you won’t see from the other guys:

Choose your gear.   Want a MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolts and an Aeron chair? Yeah… seems about right.
The best office space in Austin, TX.  360° views of downtown Austin. POTUS visits. Center of Austin startup scene. Blocks from SxSW. Welcome toOwnLocal. Boom.

Pool + 24×7 onsite gym. The only membership fee is working at an awesome company. Work. Out. NOW!

Free Downtown Parking.  All day and all night, 7 days per week.What’s the worse thing about Austin? Okay, we can’t fix the allergies, but your ATX parking woes are now over. Free parking in the middle of SxSW? Yeah… we’re crazy.

24×7 Stocked Kitchen + Free Lunch, Beer, Vodka, Etc. (Etc == Unlimited Redbull.) Also… there’s the two-tap commercial beer keg usually stocked with local Austinbrews, Lunch at awesome ATX foodie joints (we’ll take the Pepsi challenge with those SF restaurants), a fully stocked kitchen less than 100 yards from your desk, and a selection of local vodka. Yeah, it’s awesome here.

Team fitness challenges. Free mandatory Fitbit. Track your results, compete with your team, and win cash prizes. This is not a drill.

Free Starbucks Coffee. Like coffee? So do we. Howard Schultz went to the trouble of putting a Starbucks on every corner, so why fight it? Anywhere in America, we’ve got you covered.

Free Car2go anywhere in Austin, TX. As if the free parking wasn’t good enough, we’re making it even easier to get around. Wait for it…

Free black car service. Austin doesn’t yet have Uber, so we’ve hooked up a local Black Car Service company to get you free service to and from the airport. Hey, you’re a #baller, and it’s time the world recognizes that. If you’re going on vacation or going on some company business, you should get there in style.

Unlimited Vacation. 100% Open vacation policy. Seriously. Take time off when you need to, and come back refreshed and ready to work. In addition, we also have quarterly company off-site meetings.

Flexible Hours. We appreciate that different people have different working styles. Rarely does everyone work best from 8am-5pm so we do our best to accommodate your cycle. Get your work done, be responsible, and take a break. You’re a grownup, and we treat you like one.

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