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MIT Startup - Innovation District - Web Developer Needed

Mit Stealthmode Startup    posted almost 5 years ago

FullTime | $100,000 | Boston, Massachusetts


Our client is looking for a Web Developer/ Frontend focused Engineer to join their dynamic engineering team. 

The ideal candidate will be a seasoned web developer that can use his or her skills to create product demonstrations for some of the most visible brands on the market today. 

Key Qualifications: 
• Bachelor Degree required, B.S. in Computer-related field preferred 
• 3+ years of professional web development experience required 
• Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript 1.8, JQuery 1.8, XML 1.0/1.1, and XSL 1.0/2.0 
• Excellent presentation skills
• Excellent interpersonal business skills
• Knowledge of the LAMP/WAMP stack preferred 
• Strong Java 1.6+ experience preferred 

If interested please forward along an updated resume as well as the best time to reach your for a quick chat.

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