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PHP Developer

Cat Technology Inc    posted over 5 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 6 Months New Providence, NJ


Job Description:    We are looking for a passionate PHP developer who understands WordPress, enjoys it, loves bash terminal, and wants to make a multisite environment better for our clients and internal team. We have a very large WordPress multisite setup with unique problems to solve. An ideal candidate enjoys a challenge in a fast paced environment, documenting their work in version control software like Git, and laughs at bugs. We're also working on various web applications and are getting more involved in the mobile space. A certain degree of creativity is required to develop custom solutions for business problems.

Requirements include
3-5 years of experience writing code using PHP
3-5 years of hands-on Wordpress development experience - working knowledge of Wordpress plugin development (Actions, Hooks, Filters, etc.)
The ability to manage thousands of SQL tables, and queries mostly for reporting.
HTML5 and CSS3 styling
Ability to write, debug and test scripting languages like Javascript and jQuery
Ability to debug and backtrace existing PHP code
Knowledge with Linux shell – must know your way around the terminal
Experience writing shell scripts is preferred but not required.
Good understanding of RESTful APIs – GET/POST/PUT/DELETE
Managing and organizing source code using GIT
Collaborate with other team members and cross-functional units to ensure quality
Maintain and develop technical skills to keep current in systems programming and analysis techniques
Provided back-up design assistance when needed

Education & Experience
Associates degree or related experience in a technical field required

This team make websites for the lawfirms, the platform they use is Wordpress. There are 2 Teams that report to this hiring manager, the first team is made up of developers who build the websites, the other team supports it. This is a backfill for a senior person on the support team who gave his two week notice today. (Create plug ins/make alterations/create a hook or field in backend of wordpress are some of the tasks the person leaving could do that he wants).


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