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Contract | Staffing Agency | | 3 Months Jersey City, NJ


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Jersey City, New Jersey

Duration - 2-3 months

Description - Looking for a STRONG Siebel resource with excellent communication skills and the below skill set.
Role: Siebel - Techno-functional
Team Role: CRM_Siebel - Contact Center_Integration

  • Migration of existing Employee Relationship Management (ERM) implementation (in a previous version of Siebel) to Siebel Call Center version
  • Skills needed for Open UI (which are HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery).
  • Resources will do all the standard configuration and integration type work typically done in Siebel Tools  PLUS  they will at times  need to use HTML,
  • CSS, and Javascript skills (outside of Siebel Tools) to configure and integrate with the Siebel Open UI user interface framework.
  • This is a new, standards-based, non-ActiveX user interface technology (release back in Dec 2012 with release

The primary project work to be done is:
Customer has an existing implementation of Siebel ERM (Employee Relationship Mgmt)
Customer wants/needs to move to a newer release of Siebel to take advantage of Siebel Open UI (which enables the customer to use IE9 or other modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
Customer wants their ERM work/data to be migrated to Siebel Call Center

NOTE: There shouldn't be much (if any) Open UI-specific work that needs to be done during this project, but in case the customer wants to do some things to modify the UI (that aren't done in Siebel Tools)  the skills above will be needed




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