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Contract | Staffing Agency | | 12 Months Columbus, OH


Columbus, OH

1 year

Department of Administrative Service/Office of Information Technology has a request for a Sr. Project Manager for Organization Change Management Effort to reduce the complexity and fragmented nature of Ohio’s HHS policy, operating expenditures, and program administration in order to improve efficiency and consistently produce programs that function in an integrated manner across systems in an effort to provide coordinated service delivery with enhanced consumer outcomes


We will submitting resumes to the manager on the 13th and interviews will be held on the 14th.   If a candidate is selected for an interview is out of town, a phone interview will be held, otherwise all local candidates (meaning in Ohio) will be In Person.


Scope of Activities


•             Identify impacted stakeholders and conduct stakeholder focus groups

•             Facilitate strategic planning sessions for the Change Leadership Team

•             Information gathering, research and analysis for the stakeholder assessment

•             Identify State resources needed for developing all associated project Deliverables

•             Review Stakeholder specific business process change implications and risks and formulating (and to the extent possible) implementing mitigation strategies

•             Review Communication Strategy and Plan

•             Review, identify, quantify and analyze risks associated with change and design risk mitigation strategies

•             Collaborate with OHT and other stakeholders to understand how policy changes should be incorporated into applicable audience messages

•             Assist with existing process documentation, standards, quality levels and other “as-is” environment artifacts and capabilities

•             Review all new business processes and procedures

•             Review and refine training curriculum

•             Review a comprehensive Training and Support Plan approach and detailed timeline for the following deliverables:

?              Training approach, including support strategy during process and system rollout

?              Curriculum design

?              Annotated outlines

?              Course designs

?              Comprehensive training pilot

•             Develop and implement a simple, but multi-tiered decision making and issue resolution to get feedback from the PMO office and OHT Executive Board.

•             Develop, prioritize, coordinate and communicate the goals and processes necessary for implementing the project.

•             Manage master project plan, scheduling, dependencies, risks, contingency plans and allocation of available resources.

•             Prepare program status reports, and keep Program Office and stakeholders informed of project status and related issues.

•             Frame, communicate and resolve program issues working with HHS Cabinet and Program Office as necessary.

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