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Junior Automation Engineer

Comau    posted over 6 years ago

FullTime | Southfield, Oakland, MI


Duties and Responsibilities:
(During employment you will develop these skills through training)
* Understands customer specifications (corporate and plant), standards, and local and/or national electric codes for use in designing hardware schematics and software programs.
* Constructs electrical and Fluid schematic packages by laying out I/O, designing magnetic circuits, fusing, control panel layouts, bills of material, and cable layouts.
* Performs the required sizing calculation for power, heat dissipation, wire sizing, fusing, etc.
* Performs the required calculations for network layout and traffic analysis.
* Researches, develops and customizes new hardware and software interfaces.
* Must be capable of developing software structure and writing logic from scratch.
* Must be capable of developing Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens and interface from scratch.
* Utilizes existing customer and internal standards as well as references from previous projects to develop and customize all required application specific software (i.e. PLC ladder logic, HMI files).
* Coordinate and review with Controls Project Engineer, Controls Technical Leaders, and colleagues to maintain consistency within a given project.
* Checks hardware schematics and software programs for errors.
* May be required to draft process write-up for customer plant personnel.
* Works within the scope definition and timing (due date) requirements.
* Performs commissioning and debugging for intermediate to complex machine applications.

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