Business Analyst _529MCDHIT201401 HHSC (State Govt.)

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Business Analyst _529MCDHIT201401 HHSC 

The Health IT Business Analyst is responsible for:

  • Providing core IT support to the analytical needs of the Health Information Technology team in MCD.  This support encompasses all aspects of the IT systems necessary, including: planning, implementation, management, and security related to the analyses of data.  Additionally, this position will utilize existing analytical systems to perform analyses in support of the HIT team’s projects.
  • Assisting MCD-HIT team members in assessing the analytical needs of the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program and identifying ways in which analytics can further the goals of Texas Medicaid.  The position will also assist the MCD-HIT team incorporate clinical data into the analytical framework in MCD-HIT
  • Assisting in the planning for and implementation of IT systems necessary to perform analytics for the electronic health records incentive program.  He or she will research available technologies and products, provide insight into and evaluations of different implementation strategies. This position will be responsible for maintaining a thorough understanding of the data involved in running the incentive program, the data generated by the program and any ancillary data sets useful in joining to the incentive program data. 
  • Documenting all data sources and defining the elements available, and assist in training staff, if necessary. 
  • Implementing and maintaining all ETL linkages to data sources.
  • Helping to manage any database, data warehouse and business intelligence systems involved in the support of incentive program analytics.
  • Assisting in developing queries and more complex analytical processes in support of HIT team projects.


              This position requires:

  • Structured problem solving - ability to take a large, complex problem and break it down into components
  • Partnership/ Teamwork - ability to work well with a variety of people and be flexible to take on different roles/responsibilities as projects change
  • Strong communication skill both written and verbal
  • Ability to survey the healthcare analytics domain to discover promising methods, technologies, products, etc. that could be beneficial to Medicaid’s analytical goals.  
  • Development of new skills and experience in a rapid and efficient manner when project needs incorporate technologies with which team members are unfamiliar.
  • Assessment of analytical needs and understanding of healthcare payor issues.



Minimum Requirements:




Systems or Business Analysis


Core IT Development skills, such as network engineering, security, and software developement


Software Programming experience


Proficiency in SQL (including advanced procedures) as well as the implementation and management of relational database systems.

Degree or Equivalent

Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent





Knowledge of and experience with Health IT standards like ICD, CPT and 837 Encounters


Prior exposure to and demonstrable knowledge of current Health IT initiatives preferred, such as the EHR incentive programs, health information exchange initiatives from the Office of the National Coordinator, Electronic Health Record implementation and operation, etc.


Advanced ETL experience


Master’s Degree


Employer avg response time
  • Relocation Assistance: No
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