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Sr .Net Developer

Advantage Technical Resourcing America Inc.    posted almost 5 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 400 Hours Austin, TX, United States


  • Designed and Developed Enterprise Applications and Multipage Estimate Form for the service portfolio managers and the factory team to provision servers. The form place holders allow adding servers, estimate, labor hours, Hardware Components necessary for funding. It provides action to provision and view estimate\offerings for requested items, and Export\Print grid in multiple formats. Added security to show\hide the buttons, sections in form,

Fields, data based on their windows credentials. Designed estimate form using the ASP.Net, JQuery, JSON, Third-party Library, JavaScript, Microsoft .Net 4.5 Framework. Microsoft SQL is used as Relational database to store form data and offerings to build on-demand reports.

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  • Relocation Assistance: No
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