Red Hat JBoss Enterprise BRMS/ JBOSS DROOLS_70114035A_TEA (State Govt.)

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Minimum criteria:

  • Have you been submitted to state of Texas before ? You need to provide three references, skill matrix and authorization to be submitted, which you would receive as an attachment form soon.


Red Hat JBoss Enterprise BRMS/ JBOSS DROOLS_70114035A_TEA (State Govt.)

In the role of TSDS JBOSS Enterprise Business Rules Management System BRMS Developer, you will be responsible for the development of business rules in JBOSS within the assigned components for the Texas Student Data System (TSDS) in an agile software development environment.  This developer will report to the TSDS Development leads as well as the Development Manager.  The work involves responsibility for technical aspects of developing and maintaining components of the TSDS system by following a defined software development life cycle process and the TEA ITS SCM process.


Experience as a senior developer designing and implementing secure, complex, multi-tiered, integrated web-based application solution using the SDLC (software development life cycle)process, including gathering requirements, performing design, constructing the software, performing testing and deploying applications to production.

·         Experience in designing, building, testing and managing Red Hat JBoss Enterprise BRMS  or JBOSS DROOLS

·         Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills.



            This position is responsible for software development work on the TSDS (Texas Student Data System) components and applications. The developer will work closely with staff to learn the new infrastructure, architecture, components and application in order to perform required technical tasks to enhance, maintain and support the new TSDS system and deploy the applications and components to production.  Utilize application development skills using JBOSS in Windows/Oracle database environment.  The developer must prioritize their daily tasks to ensure all tasks are completed accurately and timely. 


·         Responsible for performing many phases of the software development lifecycle including technical research, requirements analysis, high level and technical design, implementation of enhancements to  the TSDS project, unit testing and deployment  using Oracle Stored Procedures, Crystal Report in Window/Oracle Database environment.

·         Work involves planning and analyzing user requirements and workflow to automate processing and to improve existing systems.

·         Work requires communication directly with the technical team, users, project managers and other team members (business analyst, tester, SCM staff and technical writer, etc.).

·         Perform other related work as assigned.  Work under minimum supervision with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.

·         Creativity and strong attention to detail

·         Ability to work effectively on tight deadlines as necessary

·         Effective oral and written communication skills

·         Exceptional customer service skills, including the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of customers

·         Desire to learn new skills and improve


              Special Requirements:

{C}·         Worker may be required to work outside of the regular work hours and occasionally during the weekend.




            Minimum Requirements:




Complex Rule development on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise BRMS  or JBOSS DROOLS          


Design, Build, Test and Deployment activities for BRMS Rules                                                 


Management and maintenance of large rule sets in RedHat BRMS or DROOLS                    


Red Hat JBoss Developer studio or equivalent                                                                                   


Client program Integration with Red Hat JBoss rules using RESTEasy webservice  or similar           








Oracle Stored Procedures           


Java Enterprise (J2EE) and Apache web-based applications and/or batch processes         



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