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Our client provides the building blocks to create customizable and scalable digital eyewear business applications.

The client has created the first wearable platform that accelerates the development of cloud-based digital eyewear applications. Their development environment allows them to build applications that integrate with enterprise backend services and a variety of API plug-ins. These capabilities enhance the user experience for the deskless workers that utilize their applications.  The client is looking for out-of-the-box thinkers -- those creative individuals that can help us build a new and improved workplace environment. As a wearable first company, they are looking for futurists with a passion for optimizing the way things are, the vision to see the way things should be, and the ability to build that future now. They are looking for entrepreneurial individuals that want to get their hands dirty building out their dreams by tackling tough problems in computer vision, OpenGL, machine learning, and wireless sensors


As part of the foundational team, your role is crucial. You will be developing the ability for our client's technology to connect with outside enterprise databases (i.e. SAP).  You will be engineering the infrastructure that will ultimately manage, deliver, and display data that is going to change the way workers interact with their environment. You will be leading the design, development, and testing of features/functions delivered via platform components and/or services that are highly scalable, available and reliable.  Will be a part of developing wearable first engineering culture and the team that will lay the foundation for the future of the industry

* Must have experience working in large enterprise environments, engineering ERP systems, manipulating large amounts of data, working with third-party API’s.

* Experienced in optimizing solutions in a rapidly evolving cloud-based environment.

* Experienced in leading the design, development, and testing of features/functions delivered via platform components and/or services that are highly scalable, available and reliable.

* Experienced with third party APIs and connecting with outside enterprise databases  (i.e. SAP, ERP / CRM systems, etc.) 

* Experienced with developing enterprise software in cloud-based environment

* Enjoys learning about current optical, wearable technologies, current trends in wearable technologies, IoT and sensors, Machine Learning on large datasets, digital eyewear devices running Android SDK, Augmented Reality, OpenCV, embedded systems and hardware technologies like Bluetooth and Wifi

* Should be experienced with working in a start-up environment.

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