Backend Web Developer (Full Stack)

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FullTime | Staffing Agency | $130,000 | New York, NY, United States


Location: New York City - Manhattan
Our client provides the building blocks to create customizable and scalable digital eyewear business applications.
The client has created the first wearable platform that accelerates the development of cloud-based digital eyewear applications. Their development environment allows them to build applications that integrate with enterprise backend services and a variety of API plug-ins. These capabilities enhance the user experience for the deskless workers that utilize their applications.  The client is looking for out-of-the-box thinkers -- those creative individuals that can help us build a new and improved workplace environment. As a wearable first company, they are looking for futurists with a passion for optimizing the way things are, the vision to see the way things should be, and the ability to build that future now. They are looking for entrepreneurial individuals that want to get their hands dirty building out their dreams by tackling tough problems in computer vision, OpenGL, machine learning, and wireless sensors 


  • Will build out a backend that fuels the digital eyewear revolution
  • Invent a new way to push deployments to a server running on a Digital Eyewear Devices (Google Glass, Epson, Vuzix, Rcon, Meta, etc.)
  • Design the overall architecture and "own it"; Keep team up-to-date on backend technologies and trends.  
  • Build out the database, web server, and caching components; work closely with web front-end and digital eyewear engineers
  • Craft web-services, create tests, and do cutting -edge DevOps work

Experience / Skills Required:

  • 5+ years web development experience; love for design patterns, and wish to be on ""; able to choose the best tool from earned experiences
  • Solid understanding of the large tech landscape of the backend world, including the various SQL and NoSQL databases, queues, caches, and webservices
  • Can set up database replication and sharding with confidence
  • Must write BDD Tests and sleep well knowing the build is good and strong
  • Can pick up different languages, frameworks and techniques with ease
  • Craves clean code filled with good design patterns

Desired Skills:

  • You love continuous integration or deployment systems
  • Automatically deploy to production and can trap error on the backend and push it to a monitoring service
  • Have experience with distributed databases and load balancing and queues , TokuDB's Fractal Indices
  • Familiar with pair-programming, Agile/Srum methodologies, or geospatial data
  • Familiar with cloud big-data services like Kinesis
  • Familiar with Android application development and Android SDK

Client will ask prospective candidates to describe a detailed architecture of your dream backend.  You will be requested to describe what the technology you would use and why you would use it.  They will ask you to do the math and predict roughly what kind of load the system will handle.  You will be describe how you would take on 1000 concurrent users committing data.

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