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SAP Object Event Repository (SAP OER)

Intonenetworks    posted about 4 years ago

Contract | | 400 Hours Lake Bellevue Drive, Bellevue, WA, USA


Qualifications: 1. Manage design and configuration of all functional software components of SAP Serialization Program solution 2. 2-3 years of experience in SAP OER solution setup and SAP ECC Event Management configuration and setup. 3. Ensure integration of Serialization Program solution components with existing Enterprise Application landscape and architecture, including but not limited to SAP ECC. 4. Knowledge in acquiring data repository for events, observations, hierarchies, and associated information 5. Experience in obtaining analytics functionality, including predefined content for the SAP NetWeaver platform 6. Experience in using SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure with SAP object event repository (SAP OER) to address centralized control and visibility requirements 7. Excellent Communication Skill 8. Be pro-active in terms of leading initiatives on his/her own
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