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The Data Warehouse Designer structures data for optimal access, performance and integration. This role is responsible for building new data sets and data structures as required to support business needs, and for managing the distribution, replication, and archival of data throughout the enterprise. The designer must manage the balance of current and future needs in both design and content. This role requires a rare blend of skills normally found in the specialized roles of Business Analyst, Data Modeler and ETL Analyst

Expertise with  Oracle Data Integrator is must to have. 
A Bachelors Degree is the minimum education needed. 
Minimum of 7 years experience in development of data warehouse, decision support, or executive information systems. Related experience in relevant application software development may be considered 
Must have experience in development of process / data models or functional expertise in one of following areas: Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing, Banking 
Excellent communication skills with the ability to facilitate interaction between client's management / user community and Daman's technical team 
Must have good understanding of Dimensional Modeling and ER-Modeling 
A knowledge of cubes, ROLAP, MOLAP is required.

Extensive knowledge of/experience with data integration, data quality, multi-dimensional design and ETL tools, processes and methodology

Experience with databases/systems used to develop data mapping and design of the ETL strategy. 


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Sanjeev.Angal about 5 years ago

If a candidate is only interested in full time / Permanent will he/ she be considered? I have a candidate who is interested only full time.


Jaws1275 about 5 years ago

is this a contract? if so how long? what else you can tell me that may interest a candidate .